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Rand Paul reminds Donald Trump of his anti-war message

Rand Paul reminds Donald Trump of his anti-war message

Senator Rand Paul made his opposition to any would-be war on Syria abundantly clear in a manner that ought to resonate with President Trump.

The Senator from Kentucky and son of former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, Tweeted Donald Trump’s erstwhile anti-war message back at him as a kind of friendly reminder of why people like me endorsed Trump in his election against the arch-war monger Hillary Clinton.

Here is Trump’s original anti-war, anti-intervention, anti-Salifist, anti-Obama Tweet from 2013, when a similar false flag incident happened in Ghouta, to the one that occurred this week in Idlib governorate.

Many steadfast Trump supporters have been dismayed at his apparent contemplation over going to war against Syrian forces who are currently engaged in a life and death struggle with radical Salifist/Whabbist terrorists.

This includes Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars, a stalwart pro-Trump, but anti-war outlet.

InfoWars have been quick to point out the liberal left’s hypocrisy over the Syrian issue.

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I must say that the pro-war Democrats of 2017 are nothing like Democrats who opposed the Vietnam war in the 1960s. Robert Kennedy might well find his party unrecognisable were here around today.

It is hopeful that Rand Paul who recently played golf with Donald Trump may have an ear of a President who campaigned on an solidly anti-interventionist platform.

Senator Paul even phrased the terms of his argument in such a way as to appeal to the pro-Israel Trump. Paul stated that ISIS threatens Israel as well as Syria and the United States.

The claim is dubious as Israel has been trying to undermine both Hafez and Bashar al-Assad from 1970 to the present day. Nevertheless, the appeal was a clever move in order to pull on Donald Trump’s heart strings.

The march to war is as dire an issue today as it has been since 2013, but as it was then, there is still hope that anti-war voices can prevail.

I personally hope that President Trump’s formerly anti-war voice resurfaces.

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