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Rumor: Steve Bannon will testify against Roger Stone

If the rumor is true, the Russiagate operation now appears to rest on Bannon’s betrayal of Stone.

Submitted by Serban V.C. Enache…

Rumor has it that anti-China warhawk, self-confessed Christian Zionist, and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is going to testify against Roger Stone, insisting that Stone was in contact with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. We can speculate it as an act of revenge, because Stone had a role in getting him kicked out of the Trump administration, although Bannon claimed his departure was made with his consent.

In 2017, Roger Stone wrote an article in the Daily Caller critical of Bannon, published a day ahead of his departure. “I am one who had publicly defended Bannon from false charges of racism and anti-Semitism yet I have concluded he is a spent force, never being willing to spend his political capital to help his friends and in some cases helping empower the very Globalists he claims to oppose.” Stone went on to say that opposition to open borders, costly foreign wars, unfair trade deals etc were all part of the Trump platform before Steve Bannon arrived. He also attacked Bannon for paving the way for neo-cons like Rex Tillerson; Tillerson’s patron being the former Bush Jr NSA director and advocate for the Iraq war Condoleezza Rice. Stone said the Trump State Department failed to remove a number of Soros-controlled US embassies and that Bannon delivered the Trump State Department into the hands of the Globalists, never opposing the appointment of Dina Habib Powell and Goldman Sach’s Gary Cohn. “Bannon has also failed to tell the President about the single most potent weapon he has; FISA Court certification that Obama’s NSA actively, illegally and unconstitutionally spied at least on 30,000 Americans for purposes of political espionage. These indictable offenses and their prosecution is the key to derailing the Deep State coup unfolding before our eyes, yet Bannon never mentioned the FISA ruling to the President.”

Stone also said that Bannon never mentioned the case of Maricopa Country Sheriff Joe Arpaio [tried under the wrong statue to deny him a jury trial] to Trump who was shocked to learn about Arpaio’s conviction when he didn’t even know about his trial. Arpaio’s phone calls to Bannon to protest his treatment by the Trump Justice Department went unanswered. Roger Stone said both Bannon and Trump know that no evidence exists of Assange being a Russian agent, contrary to the baseless claims of US intelligence services. He said Julian Assange is simply a journalist without a left or right bias, who was appalled by the massive violations of civil liberties committed by US state orgs, which he exposed through WikiLeaks. Stone invoked WikiLeaks’ great track record in accuracy, that what Assange did was completely legal and within the traditions of American journalism, and he referred to the bs charge of sexual assault against Assange as a honeytrap, classic ploy of British Intelligence services.

“Now, however, due to the harping of CIA Director Mike Pompeo, the Trump Justice Department has convened a Secret Grand Jury to fabricate a criminal charge against Assange in the United States, despite the fact that Assange has violated no law and the US Intelligence services can’t prove he is in the service of the Russians. Yet Steve Bannon has never urged the President to stop the outrageous investigation and potential prosecution of the WikiLeaks publisher – a case of a publisher (Breitbart) ignoring the plight of a publisher (Wikileaks).”

Soon after Bannon left the White House, he got under the wing of Robert Mueller’s investigation. Stone is charged with lying to Congress, attempting to obstruct a congressional inquiry and intimidating a witness. He could face up to 20 years in prison. Prosecutors say Stone attempted numerous times to contact WikiLeaks via intermediaries, leaked information about upcoming WikiLeaks articles to the Trump campaign, then lied about this to Congress. Roger Stone claims he only had knowledge of WikiLeaks via radio host Randy Credico and didn’t meet with Assange.

If the rumor is true, the Russiagate operation now appears to rest on Bannon’s betrayal of Stone. I have to admit that back in 2017, I thought Bannon got kicked out because he opposed US intervention in Syria, and quickly after Bannon’s departure, Trump approved a missile strike against Syrian installations. I followed Bannon’s work, from which I deduced how clever he is, how he plays the populism and nationalism cards alongside opposition to regime change wars in West-Asia, but at the same time, Bannon is a super-hawk when it comes to China, and favors US-China relations going kinetic in the South China Sea to put that state actor in its place, the only country on earth at the moment capable of challenging US supremacy in terms of industrial output capacity [and in the near future, militarily as well]. That being said, Roger Stone’s criticism of Steve Bannon is, in my view, well-warranted. Again, for now it’s all just speculation that Bannon will testify against Stone, from rumors via Infowars, on which last month Roger Stone was interviewed by Alex Jones. I’m rooting for a fair outcome of the trial. Russiagate is bs and Roger Stone is innocent, just like Assange.

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