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Roger Stone warns Trump

My own two cents for Trump is this… keep out of foreign wars, seek to de-escalate conflicts everywhere, by they more or less kinetic or trade-based [special emphasis on Venezuela], and stop surrounding yourself with the swamp dwellers on the right.

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In a recent interview on Infowars, veteran of ten republican presidential campaigns and top political analyst Roger Stone shared part of his wisdom with the president and his supporters. Stone advised the president to take the impeachment process very seriously, to demand total transparency, to stay focus on those states with shaky republican senators – for in those places the impeachment fight will be won or lost. Stone emphasized that the biggest problem to Trump’s reelection is the overconfidence of his supporters. Stone picked Trump as the toughest politician he’s ever worked for [Nixon and Dole being part of his resume], insisting that Trump didn’t become POTUS for himself, but for “us,” meaning the American people. He insists Trump is the only thing standing against the Globalists and their duopoly in the United States.

When comparing the impeachments of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton to that of Trump, Stone said they’re nothing alike, while pointing out that the Clinton impeachment was a big mistake for the republicans, which earned them fewer votes. Unlike Trump’s situation, both Nixon and Clinton were given due process in a transparent manner. To those thinking that, if the House impeaches Trump, surely the republican Senate won’t convict him… Stone calls them naive. The duopoly hopes the sustained and coordinate attacks on Trump will get the shaky republicans to vote for impeachment. Stones advised Trump to use all that money he raised thus far [in California outdoing all the democrats combined] to purchase online, radio, and TV advertising in those states where republican senators are likely to betray him. What should the president advertise? His own [populist] positions on domestic and foreign issues, unfiltered by the state and party PR machines.

Regarding the media, the “monolithic mainstream media,” Roger Stone said day-time Fox News is just like listening to CNN, and that hurts Trump a lot. He also praised Don Jr. for his political acumen and for standing up for the “America First” policy. Given the situation facing Joe Biden, Roger Stone said Hillary Clinton is likely to run again and that she should not be underestimated in that regard. On foreign policy, Stone is a non-interventionist. He highlighted the Dallas crowd’s reaction to Trump’s pledge of brining the troops back home, that Americans are tired of pointless, endless foreign wars. On Syria specifically, Roger said there’s tremendous disinformation. He debunked these myths as follows: not all the Kurds are Christian, many of them are Muslims, many of them are Marxists, the 200 troops could not have stopped an onslaught from Turkey. Roger Stone said Trump’s stance on Syria doesn’t weaken him with the general public, but it has likely weakened him with the neocons in the Senate.

Besides advice, Stone also had criticism for Trump. He criticized Trump for endorsing Willard Mitt Romney and Ben Sass. Stone said of “Willard the rat” that “a man does not run for the US senate in a state he does not live in, taking a legislative job when he had an executive position his entire adult life, because he wants to be a junior backbencher in the US senate; he ran for the Senate in order to launch another bid for president. He not only had the audacity to ask the president to muscle out the republican state treasurer in Utah, who would have made a great US senator, to clear the republican primary field for him – and then the president endorsed Willard the rat. What he got in return is a knife in the shoulder-blades; because Mitt Romney is fired, I think, by both ambition and jealousy.” Stone said Sass will repay Trump in the same manner…

Stone said of Elizabeth Warren that, in the elections, she can’t be dismissed simply as “Pocahontas,” because her economic platform galvanizes many people. He listed her pledges to break up Google and take on the Big Banks as examples of that. Stone called Pete Buttigig’s fundraising ability as extraordinarily impressive and his poll numbers as not insignificant. As for Joe Biden, his numbers were destined to wither to matter what. His largest single obstacle, in Stone’s view, is the war on drugs, the 1994 crime bill, which exploded the prison population with poor and black people for the non-violent crime of possessing small quantities of drugs. Stone believes the war on drugs has been an “expensive, ignominious, racist” policy failure that ruined people’s lives. He advised Trump to completely decriminalize marijuana before the next election. Stone noted that Big Pharma is against legalization, but that the general public supports it, and Trump should act on the latter’s wish. He also emphasized that mainstream media, plus the liberal-biased social media platforms, who actively censor non-liberal voices and messages will amount to a hard fight for Trump in 2020. And regarding the polls, again Stone advises caution. He said the biggest problem with the polls in 2016 was the assumption that voter turnout, in terms of composition and quantity, will be just like that of the previous election; and that wasn’t the case at all when Obama’s name wasn’t on the ballot. Stone warns Trump supporters not to assume the turnout from 2016 will repeat itself in 2020, and warns Trump not to think the fight is ‘republicans vs democrats,’ but the outsider vs the insiders, the disruptor vs the globalists.

My own two cents for Trump is this… keep out of foreign wars, seek to de-escalate conflicts everywhere, by they more or less kinetic or trade-based [special emphasis on Venezuela], and stop surrounding yourself with the swamp dwellers on the right. Find social conservatives who endorse economic populism [find people with union background], not lobbyists for trans-national finance, not war hawks. As for macro-economic policy, do not shrink the fiscal deficit. Keep channeling net financial assets into the non-government sector. And given existing levels of excess idle capacity, the deficit should actually be expanded – preferably via public works programs meant to rebuild crumbling infrastructure. This will create more jobs, drive up wages, expand output, increase money velocity, crowd-in private investment, and ensure the economy doesn’t fall into recession.

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Reality Check
Reality Check
October 28, 2019

Dole himself was a major supporter of Balkan terror groups, instrumental in US policy of supporting the KLA while looking the other way. He was as beholding to Albanian dirty money as Biden was to Ukraine’s, even more so if you look into his campaign funding. The similarities to US support of neo-nazi groups in the Ukraine and foreign jihadi terrorists in Libya and Syria is all too familiar to those who are willing to pierce the MSM veil.

October 29, 2019

Stone’s advice is the best advice to a president I have come upon so far. He is a voice of sanity for sanity in government. Trump would do well to listen. Stone sees the difficulties and the hidden stumbling blocks. Great advice.

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