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Roman Catholic Priest FINALLY confronts Joe Biden [Video]

This Roman Catholic priest says the truth that no bishop will say – while Orthodox Church leaders even fawn over Imposter Joe

One of the ways both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches acknowledge as “participating in someone else’s sin” is

“By silence.”

According to this idea, if I know about someone doing something that is sinful and I do not say anything about it to him or to his priest, or if the person is a public figure, to the public at large that this person is not following the faith… If I keep silent, I myself am also committing a sin with that person. By my own silence I am not helping that person come to their senses, and by my silence I may be hurting others who will be hurt and damaged by the actions of that person, and it is finally and most importantly, an insult and an affront against Christ, who is the Ruler of the Church.

Does this mean that Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics are to be consummate tattle-tales? Are they the “Christian” image of the informants to the KGB or the Secret Police? Hardly. But we do have this responsibility especially as applied to public figures.

Joe Biden is a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Yet he supports abortion at all points of pregnancy. He supports weird sexual identity perversion, popularly known as “transgender” these days, and supports the notion of people of the same sex getting married, even insofar as to force Christian churches in the United States to perform such marriages. (A direct violation of the First Amendment, but look up the Equality Act to see what I mean.)

Nancy Pelosi is another such person, and there are more.

For decades the Roman Catholic Church has been effectively silent on these kind of things, even getting behind such candidates and supporting them, thinking their socialist agendas somehow serve the Church’s own ends, usually regarding money.

The Eastern Orthodox Church is even worse; we saw this year Archibishop Elpiphidoros, the ruling hierarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the United States, marching in a Black Lives Matter march while being completely in the tank for keeping local parishes around the US closed or on severely restricted attendance due to COVID-19. We saw congratulatory messages in effusive fashion from the Archdiocese after Mr. Biden was awarded the Presidency in a stolen election orchestrated by Big Tech, globalist concerns and the Deep State.

Well, thank God, someone is standing up who has some stones, and I mean that with great gratitude and no vulgarity whatsoever. Roman Catholic Priest, Father William Kosco tells it like it is, right up to the ultimate statement many of us who have been aghast at the complicity of our clergy and hierarchs and their willingness to be hypocrites when confronted with earthly power have been aching to hear from somebody in the clergy: No Communion for Joe Biden or anyone like him until and unless he repents of this sin!

This was like a breath of much needed fresh air.

It was also worth noting that this priest has no mask. Way to go, Father!

Now we need some Eastern Orthodox leaders to show the same stones. Seriously.

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Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
March 27, 2021

I am not a member of the Catholic Church, but this priest is totally correct. As phony as Nancy Pelosi, Biden violates every one of the tenets of the Catholic Church. If Pope Francisco had the courage (or power) I wish he had, he would excommunicate both of them. Average Catholics have been excommunicated for far lesser offenses than both of these phony catholics.

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