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Radicalised liberal anti-Trump terrorism strikes America

The ongoing information war against Donald Trump and his non-existent ties to Russia has become far more serious after today. The crisis now has physical victims, even though many see slain DNC worker Seth Rich as the first casualty of America’s internal Cold War.

Today a lone-wolf terrorist gunman who openly spoke of the need to “destroy” Donald Trump ended up shooting five people at a local baseball game. The apparent primary target of the terrorist attack was House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a Republican.

The terrorist, a 65 year old US citizen called James Hodgkinson died in a local  hospital after being neutralised by police.

James Hodgkinson was known as a man with strong views, something which in and of itself hardly ever leads to violence.

However, his hatred ended up turning into threats on social media.

The self-professed socialist and Bernie Sanders supporter was known to write frequent anti-Republican letters to a local newspaper. His trove of letters has been republished in its entirety here.

He was known to be an avid viewer of anti-Trump television shows including those hosted by Rachel Maddow, John Oliver and others. He was a firm believer in the so-called Russiagate conspiracy theory. His terrorism could have hurt innocent Americans as well as innocent Russians.

Of course, most people who watch these shows are peaceful, just as most Muslims have nothing to do with Salafist terrorism. However, if Salafists who kill in the false name of Islam can be examined and scrutinised, the same must apply to those who kill in the name of the American liberal far-left.

The terrorist attack took place shortly after anti-Trump ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin posted of photo holding a mock-up of a beheaded Donald Trump.

The Duran warned at the time that this photo was an incitement of violence and a glorification of terrorism.

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It is one thing to engage in heated opposition debates, media outlets like this one do so all the time. But when one is constantly portrayed as an enemy of America, as an illegitimate President and when to top it off, Griffin, a known personality from CNN among other places glorifies the ISIS style beheading of the sitting US President, things have gone too far.

Like most lone wolf terrorists, Hodgkinson was certainly a deeply mentally ill man, but if the mainstream media depictions of Trump being killed or questions over his right to govern based on false allegations about foreign vote rigging played any part in radicalising Hodgkinson, a lot will have to be answered for.

Saudi Arabia spends millions distorting the true meaning of Islam throughout the world. The result has been the creation of al-Qaeda and ISIS. The mainstream media in the west distorts the true meaning of normal, peaceful, respectful opposition. They also have money that allows their message to be heard around the world. They should be condemned for the same reasons and in the same fashion.

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