POTUS Trump demolishes only NFL player to take a knee on Thanksgiving Day (Video)

This NFL player thought it was a good idea to kneel during the national anthem on Thanksgiving Day.

NFL’s ratings are in the tank, and stadiums remain half full. ESPN is laying off workers and cutting expenses to accommodate its shift into the world of identity politics over sports reporting.

Maybe Thanksgiving Day football would provide a bit of relief to an imploding sports league?

Not New York Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon made sure no such thing would happen, as he made the dumb decision to be the only NFL player to kneel during the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day.

The Hill reports…

New York Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon continued his protest on Thursday night, kneeling during the national anthem before a game against the Washington Redskins.

Vernon, who has been kneeling since early on in the NFL season, appeared to be the only player to take a knee before the game.


Prior to last Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Vernon told Newsday that he would continue kneeling, even as criticism of the protests continues.

“What it would take for me to stand is if people can understand what the whole message is behind it,” he told Newsday. “That would actually help a whole lot, but everybody doesn’t see things that way and tries to distort what the message was from the beginning, which is basically social injustice on African-Americans and police brutality.”

According to The Gateway Pundit,White House social media director Dan Scavino took to Twitter Friday, denouncing Vernon’s decision to kneel.

“While  ratings continue to plummet… Not So Thankful:   Kneels During the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day (while a Master Sergeant of the United States Army sings) at FedEx Field”

President Trump blasted Vernon and the NFL for their Thanksgiving ungratefulness…

“Can you believe that the disrespect for our Country, our Flag, our Anthem continues without penalty to the players. The Commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. Players are the boss!”

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Phillip Kokesh
Phillip Kokesh
November 26, 2017

actually, it would appear Trump’s ‘The Boss’…

Cecil Anderson
Cecil Anderson
November 27, 2017

Your workplace is for work not personal protest. There is nothing wrong with protest. Protest injustice and inequality. The country was built on protest. Women carried signs and marched on Washington to gain the right to vote. The most famous protester of all time was Martin Luther King. He spoke from the rooftops for equality. Never once did he disrespect the flag or the veterans who sacrificed to give him freedom of speech. Why do players disrespect the flag as part of their protest? One has nothing to do with the other. Play your game then take a plane to… Read more »

November 27, 2017

NOBODY cares what it would take for Vernon to stand. He can take his 40 or 50 million dollars he extorted from the Giants and keep kneeling alone. Shame on the Giants!!! PERHAPS THE GIANTS CAN CUT HIM AND SAVE SOME MONEY SINCE HE BARELY TRIES NOW THAT HE IS RICH. he has 3.5 sacks in 2017 and the year is over 1/2 over and the Giants are terrible and will continue to be terrible. It costs a season ticket holders $4500 DOLLARS for the Giants games. This is why they can pay a bum like Vernon so much money-they… Read more »

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