Colin Kaepernick gets offer to play football

Offer is not from an NFL team…

GQ’s Man of the Year, and NFL national anthem Protester-in-Chief, Colin Kaepernick has landed himself a football offer.

The Gateway Pundit reports that it is true. Colin Kapernick has received a job offer to play quarterback once again. Here are the details…

From Downtrend…

GQ’s “Citizen of the Year” and the winner of the Sports Illustrated “Muhammed Ali Legacy Award” (which he was handed by cop-hating diva Beyoncé) may have just scored the biggest honor of all.

A real, live offer to play quarterback for a football team AND to be handed the starter’s job.

More per Richmond…

Rapper Jim Jones, best known for his single “We Fly High,” has purchased a stake in the Richmond Roughriders indoor football team.

At a news conference at the Richmond Coliseum on Thursday, Jones invited former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick to join the Roughriders team for its coming season.

Kaepernick was the first to kneel during the playing of the national anthem to protest police brutality. He has not yet been signed by an NFL team in the 2017 season.

“He can come here and keep his skills sharp, set some records,” said Jones. “Help put this team on the map.”

Jones got his first exposure to the Roughriders and indoor football last year, when he performed at halftime as the team won the Arena Pro Football League title at the Richmond Coliseum.

More from Undefeated, who proclaim Kaepernick an ‘American hero’…

Why Kaepernick? Why now? The story of his emergence as a symbol of protest is a well-timed snapshot of a world in which reasoned debate has dissolved into a screeching band saw of argument and discord. We’re constantly told we live in polarizing times, but it’s not the poles that are in dispute. We need a word that describes the complete absence of middle ground.

As soon as Kaepernick’s intentions were revealed — nobody noticed until he had sat through at least two preseason anthems — an entire ideology was ascribed to him. He was anti-American, anti-military, and in the most pustular of the internet’s lower intestines, it was suggested he was radicalized by a Muslim girlfriend. The issue, it seems, was never the issue; it was his suitability to be the one addressing it. He grew up as an adopted, biracial son of a wealthy white family. He had every advantage. He went from being a Super Bowl quarterback to a $12 million backup, and that word — backup — was fired with malice, meant to sting, as if the worth of a message can be gauged by playing time.

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Michael in pittsburgh
Michael in pittsburgh
December 12, 2017

Well the Brownies could certainly use a quaterback

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