Monica Lewinsky confidante says White House maids “afraid to bend over” around Bill Clinton

Linda Tripp opens up about Bill’s White House dog days.

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Now that so many liberal feminists are crawling out of the wood works to condemn Bill Clinton for his groping, sexual assault, and rape of a litany of women, Monica Lewinsky’s confidante is slamming the decades long hypocrisy saying “it’s a day late, and it’s a dollar short”.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

Former Clinton (and Bush 41) White House staffer and impeachment whistleblower Linda Tripp said in an interview with the Weekly Standard published Friday that former President Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior in the White House was so bad that housekeepers feared bending over in his presence.

Tripp, the former friend and confidante of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky who provided evidence of Clinton committing perjury and obstruction of justice over his affair with Lewinsky that led to Clinton’s impeachment, spoke to the Standard about the trend of liberals speaking out now, decades later, against the Clintons, saying it’s “a day late and it’s a dollar short.”

The Weekly Standard reports…

As the reckoning over sexual abuse finally reaches Bill Clinton, with handwringing by some of his former defenders in the press and in politics, one Clinton White House veteran is following developments with particular interest—and a large measure of skepticism.

“It’s a day late, and it’s a dollar short,” says Linda Tripp, who, 20 years ago, was thrust into the center of the sex scandal that led to Clinton’s impeachment. It was Tripp who revealed the president’s sexual relationship with a 21-year-old White House intern and, for her troubles, was painted as the villain of the sordid episode.

…When the Clintons moved into the White House in 1993, Tripp was already there, a career civil servant. A divorced mother of two teenagers, Tripp was known for strait-laced efficiency and a person with no discernible politics but who openly admired the old-school patriotism she had seen as a secretary in the George H.W. Bush White House. This made her an imperfect fit with the freewheeling Clintons, although she was, as executive assistant to Clinton’s chief counsel, located near the very seat of power (her workspace was, for a time, adjacent to Hillary’s, and she brought deputy counsel Vince Foster what turned out to be his last meal on the day he committed suicide).

The more Tripp saw of the Clinton administration, the more uncomfortable she became. She thought that the personnel in the White House travel and correspondence offices were shabbily treated, and what she saw and heard about the president’s libidinous impulses appalled her. “The housekeeping staff was afraid to bend over in his presence,” she says. Tripp’s discomfort must have been obvious, as in August 1994 she was transferred to the public affairs office of the Pentagon.

…While still working at the White House, she had once seen a woman, Kathleen Willey, leaving the Oval Office flustered and slightly disheveled—Willey later told Tripp that Clinton had groped her. “He is a predator, by pattern,” Tripp says today.”

If Hillary had won the presidency in 2016, Bill would have been back in the White House as “first man”, with lots of time to kill and maids to chase. 


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Tim Webb
Tim Webb
November 25, 2017

Ah, that “old-school patriot GHW Bush”.
Whose favourite magician, so he tells women as he is groping them, is “David Cop-a-Feel”.
Not at all like the Clintons, is he.

November 25, 2017

Hilary, Patraeus, Mossad set up the Jewess as a honey trap. She was bait for sextortion….literally a coup that led President Penis around….and maybe now she is realizing it. Duran, RT are scared to explore the depths of her treachery and those she made deals with to exploit his sex weakness. Seriously disappointed in our truth telling friends when I make a case ….censored for YOUR protection. She wan’t senator of NY for no reason. Can’t writers of RT, Duran, Russia Insider put 2 +2 together? When I spell it out for you it just gets censored by the people… Read more »

Reply to  tjoes
November 26, 2017

you see it is monitored by mossad/cia and A I…by the way more woman were brought to the white house for hillary than Bill…as Jennifer Flowers said… in the affair she had with Bill for 12 years ..WHICH HE DENIES..Bill told her that “hillary ate more pussy than he did”

Terrible Truth
November 26, 2017

Please note: Substantial evidence indicates that Vince Foster was murdered; a ‘suicide’ faked to cover it up.

Cecil Anderson
Cecil Anderson
November 27, 2017

So the maids were afraid to bend over but you had no problem getting down on your knees. Very interesting.

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