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Populist Traders Expose Crony Capitalisms and The Rigged System of Financial Oligarchs

GameStop Soars Despite Restrictions by Robinhood, Other Platforms

GameStop shares on Thursday briefly tumbled, then boomeranged after trading platforms like Robinhood limited transactions in the shares. Shares of the videogame retailer at last check were up 6.4% after sliding earlier. AMC Entertainment and Bed Bath & Beyond , two other heavily shorted stocks, were still dropping sharply in early Thursday trades.


The Wall Street Oligarch’s, who were bailed out in 2008 by the tax payers for their risky trading, are crying “Racism” because the small guys have joined together to create a force to save GameStop.  How have they done it? By going long on the stock by piling in.  These Millennials are ripping the mask of the rigged Wall Street system using game theory.  The Wall Street Cartel are fighting back by using the racist card… Pathetic! They can’t take it that the stock went long when they shorted it, they tried to destroy the company, they are now running to Biden to complain that they lost the bet and to stop the small traders from playing the game.  Just another form of censorship to weight the game for them and against the people!!!

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