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Populism on Display – a second look at Trump’s Coronabus rebuke [Video]

This story is so compelling it deserves more exposure. Dr Steve Turley gives a stunning rundown of why.

One of the things that is so appealing about Donald Trump as President is how he responds to what his supporters want. He has done this like no president has in recent history, even the liberal ideologues like Barack Obama.

For example, we wanted:

  • a border wall
  • relocation of manufacturing economy back to US
  • less taxes
  • restoration of religious freedom, like being able to say “merry Christmas” in public
  • ISIS defeated
  • a Vaccine for COVID-19
  • a resurgent economy

We elected Trump and he gave us:

  • a border wall (still under construction, a very nice wall, too)
  • massive relocation of manufacturing back to the US
  • lower taxes
  • we now can say “Merry Christmas”, though the Democrats like to keep our Churches closed and pot shops open (present challenge); also Trump is the first American President to personally be at the March for Life, defending beautiful children from willful murder by abortionists
  • ISIS is defeated (Russia did most of the heavy lifting, but Trump let the Americans help and now, that is done)
  • From outbreak to Vaccine in less than a year, with doses in distribution presently
  • Even with the COVID turndown, the economy now is doing quite well

We have indeed had a taste for populism. Everyone who realizes what happened, likes it. What does that say about the Biden people?

Honestly, nothing very good, at least in terms of their support of him, as his cabal would have all of this reversed on Day One.

So, America, what is going to be?

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