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Aleppo-Hasakah international highway is reclosed due to Turkish attacks

The road connecting “Ain Issa” and “Tal Tamr” on the Aleppo-Hasakah International Highway, which was recently opened with Russian coordination, has been reclosed in order to preserve the lives of civilians in light of the renewed Turkish attacks there.

Sources pointed out that “the highway was closed before commercial and civil traffic against the background of Turkey’s and its factions escalation on the region, as the militants present in the silos of Shirkrak intentionally targeted cars crossing the road accompanied by the Russian armored vehicles to protect them.”

These attacks did not result in any casualties, as the Russian patrols exchanged fire with the militants and secured the accompanied cars, then it was decided to reclose the road, holding Turkey reliable for this.”

The Aleppo-Hasakeh highway between “Ain Issa” and “Tal Tamr” was opened 3 days ago, protected by Russian patrols, after a previous close due to clashes on the fighting axes in “Ain Issa” between “SDF” and pro-Ankara factions.

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