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Police State Australia

In what country can a journalist be subjected to a violent arrest for doing his job with proper accreditation?

In what country can a heavily pregnant woman be arrested in her own home, her mobile phone and every other electronic device seized simply because she posts a non-offensive message on social media calling for a peaceful demonstration?

What country: China perhaps? Russia? Iran?

How about Australia?

Here is Avi Yemini explaining what happened to him, an explanation backed up with actual footage of his arrest and audio of the Aussie Gestapo visiting him at home after the event. The big point Yemini makes is that it is only independent media who are being treated like this, the Fourth Estate being as ever part of the Establishment, in effect co-conspirators.

The arrest of Zoe-Lee Buhler was even more disturbing. Was it necessary to handcuff her? As for seizing all electronic media, this is now standard for almost all police so-called investigations however trivial whenever any tenuous pretext can be drummed up. This may not be of the same order of magnitude as people being shot by the American police, but it shows them in their true colours, and proves that police malfeasance is an equal opportunity oppressor.

Yemini and Miss Buhler are both based in Victoria; COVID restrictions in the rest of Australia are nowhere near as intense, but no one should be fooled. As Rahm Emanuel and many others before him have said, never let a good crisis go to waste.

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September 9, 2020

Melbourne police have been given total authority to do whatever they want to the populace. It is a very frightening place for many people.

Reply to  Jenny
September 13, 2020


There is an account from Australia on this thread:

September 17, 2020

Of course the “state” and the private corporations are now as one…

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