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Pence gives Trump campaign debate win Kamala more unlikable

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VP Debate Post-Mortem: Pence Trounces “Gaffe Machine” Harris

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October 8, 2020

Both the moderator and Harris are silly women demanding that everybody play nice with them and pretend that they are serious adults.

October 8, 2020

The left leaning progressives don’t like Kamala Harris because of her prosecution record,Just go on the Tim Black YouTube channel and he will give a full account of transgressions against the poor and black communities,i remember reading on a African American site called afropunk that she had been kicked out of the black race,the right-wing conservatives don’t like her because of a dislike of identitarian politics,and that why should a person gain political entry just because of their race,gender or sexual orientation,and I would say that many see her as a continuation of the Obama era,meaning more intrusive intrusive government… Read more »

John Ellis
October 9, 2020

Yes of course, Americans just love to die in agony by Covid 19, labor among the migrants and freeze among the homeless — if it will more glorify they god-ego President.

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