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Paul Joseph Watson thinks the Manchester ISIS bomber did not act alone

Paul Joseph Watson has released a video where he postulates that there is sufficient witness testimony from the ISIS bombing in Britain’s Manchester to indicate that the suicide bomber did not act alone.

In a video covering a wide range of issues relating to the bombing, Watson shows an interview with a woman who was at Manchester area. She spoke of seeing a woman who appeared to not speak English fidgeting and looking anxious throughout the evening. She also reportedly was smirking and looking in the direction of the eventual blast throughout the evening.

The woman who saw the suspect individual reported it to security but apparently nothing happened.

This is something that must be thoroughly investigated. It could indicate that the bomber acted with at least one accomplice.

It also indicates that as The Duran reported earlier, private security firms policing large public venues are often not fit for purpose. In many cases they simply cannot cope with issues that are best left for highly trained police officers.

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Now watch Paul Joseph Watson’s full video:

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