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Parler loses court battle to Amazon

Parler loses court battle to Amazon

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PARLER loses court battle with Amazon…

PARLER loses court battle with Amazon…

Amazon can keep Parler offline, judge rules Amazon can keep the cloud-services account of Parler offline, a federal judge in Seattle ruled Thursday. Amazon’s cloud-computing division booted Parler from its servers Jan. 11 due to what the Seattle tech giant said was an increase in violent content on the social media app.

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Mrs Monica Brewster
Mrs Monica Brewster
January 22, 2021

Really enjoying using Telegram! Keep the news snippets coming Alex, you’re doing a great job!

Last edited 4 months ago by Mrs Monica Brewster
January 23, 2021

Either the Judge doesn’t understand the limits of Parler, (maybe they weren’t explained adequately in court), or, it just goes to show how deep the corruption runs in the judiciary in America. It saddens me that these people are too dumb to realise just how much they are sanitising the world, how narrow and dumbed down life will be in a few years time, when everybody is “in their place” and nobody is allowed free thought and action. This is the way civilisations become moribund and die, think of the Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans, Greeks, etc., humans have to be allowed… Read more »

Having my Doubts for Dinner
Having my Doubts for Dinner
January 24, 2021

Boy, what a revealing pic. Are we absolutely sure that Bezos isn’t some android the CIA cooked up at Boston Robotics?

Last edited 4 months ago by Having my Doubts for Dinner

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