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Operation Warp Speed, the Great Reset and Marxism – Part I – The US [Video]

President Trump’s amazing effort to help America and the world was twisted to evil ends. Here we look at a much bigger and more sinister picture.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

The best quality about President Donald Trump is his relative innocence regarding his role in leadership. While the mainstream media and its artificially induced ranks of “Trump haters” loved to go on about how rude, uncivilized and crass America’s 45th president was, they did this largely to avoid the main quality of his leadership: its effectiveness. They were tremendously afraid of the Donald’s ability to effect real change, and that this would truly be the promised and long-awaited “draining of the swamp” of D.C. power and money politics.

A lot was arrayed against President Trump. We all know about Russiagate of course, that incredibly fake but highly promoted “scandal” engineered by the Hillary Clinton campaign, that successfully dogged the President throughout his first term, hobbling his intentions to make relations with Russia normalized, as they have long needed to be.

However, one thing I have not seen noted anywhere is any criticism of President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed”, the rapid response structure set up to deal with what at one point looked like an extremely serious pandemic of what looked to be a seriously deadly disease – COVID-19.

While Democrats raged, President Trump took action, freeing up the regulatory structure with the best of all possible motives – to allow the people best suited to developing a vaccine and / or treatment regimens for COVID-19 to do so in the fastest possible time. Surely this is laudable, and as the Democrats and naysayers were talking about the inevitability of needing many years for a thorough approval process to take place, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson were at the ready with vaccines for COVID in less than one year.

This achievement was actually surpassed by the Russian Federation, with Spunik V being registered at least one month before the first American vaccines moved to clinical trials. However, the achievement of overcoming American bureaucracy is not to be ignored. President Trump moved heaven and earth to get this done.

But then, what happened? Several things, actually. To date, Sputnik V is still not approved for use in the United States and many other Western nations. Oddly enough, in what may have been an amazing case of Russians “stepping on their own heads”, the World Health Organization, whose guidance Russia (NOT the US under Trump) followed, has still not approved Sputnik V. They have approved all the American vaccines, plus several Chinese vaccines. In fact, as of November 8th, a new travel ban went into effect, barring international access to the US unless vaccinated with one of the “WHO-approved” concoctions.

In one fell stroke, travel is now essentially banned to the US from anybody wishing to enter who is Russian. Even if the Russian citizen is vaccinated “fully” with a Russian vaccine, essentially the upshot is that he or she must get jabbed again with another vaccine? 

It is worth noting here that Sputnik V and other Russian vaccines advertise the same or similar level of “effectiveness” against SARS-CoV-2 as their WHO-approved counterparts, but with far fewer reports of vaccine-related injuries or deaths. Admittedly, the VAERS database does not have a known counterpart in the Russian Federation, where often the news concerning all things Russian is falsely cheerful, but it remains true that the Russian efforts at dealing with COVID are with noticeably less scandal, politically or otherwise.

(The reader will note that we started with talking about the United States and then spent a lot of time dwelling on Russia. There is a reason for this that we will address as this series continues.)

Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports over eight thousand incidents of death resulting shortly after the administration of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna or others. We have seen reports where Japan halted distribution of the Moderna vaccine because metal particles were detected in the vials. Our detailed description of vaccine problems in the Spartacus Letter reports (Parts I, II and III may be accessed here) discuss similar reports and paramagnetic properties associated with the particles in vaccines. In the US, and around the bulk of the civilized world (besides Russia), vaccine mandates are pressing hard against the citizenry more and more. (Russia has local and targeted mandates, but no national compulsion to get the jab exists in the Russian Federation at this time, and President Putin has repeatedly expressed that to do this is wrong.)

The United States, Canada, Australia and many other European countries are in disarray, with Joe “The Imposter” Biden doing everything right for the US… that is, if one wants to run the United States into the ground. Mandates for vaxxing citizens, while not mandating such action for illegal aliens (who are also being promised as much as $450,000 per person for “reparations” due to their processing after illegally crossing into the sovereign territory of the United States of America – go figure that one out!) and deliberate action taken or planned against the oil pipelines into the US from Canada such as Keystone and Group 5, supply chain interruptions and more and more, seem designed to do one thing to the United States’ population:

To destroy the majority population (which happens to be Caucasian (a term meaning “white skinned” in the West), Christian, hard-working, and interested in being free of government), and to replace it with a non-Caucasian, non-Christian culture or cultures, which will (theoretically) become dependent on government handouts, having established themselves in the US with government handouts.

Exactly why people of non-white races would become dependents upon government is not explainable by any means other than racism itself. The prevailing concept for the Democrats is that non-white races are by definition inferior. Why would a group of people need to be dependent on the government? Because they are incapable of taking care of themselves.

Isn’t this what one of the arguments (also used by Democrats) against ending slavery was? And yet, they accuse conservatives of being racist. It ain’t the truth. That is simple, but one has to think about it and put the pieces together.

Indeed, this was Joe Biden’s own wish – he stated it while he was Vice President. Here it is:

Now, to be clear, in reality, race is a non issue in the United States. The US has received people from all nations and all creeds throughout her history. That reception has not always been friendly, but assimilation of newcomers always took place, and over time, we retained the American vision as founded, no matter what we looked like. The lack of welcome had more to do with xenophobia than it did of racism, though racism was often used as the trope to hide the xenophobia.

That is not what is taking place now, however. What we have here is more akin to political eugenics than “send me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free.”

This political eugenics action plan affects the whole planet. Russia is only somewhat involved in this plan, as there is a power play taking place among the leadership – some who are COVID-fearful and others (thankfully, President Putin!) who are (believe it or not) more interested in defending personal liberties.

The next part in this series will attempt to analyze the situation in Russia.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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November 18, 2021

More judaic death cult shite, they want all the goyim enslaved or wiped out. Nuke Israel, DC and Brussels, and we can move on in relative peace. They have been a scourge upon all nations since antiquity.

November 18, 2021

The sophisticated layers of society can not be easily cheated with slogans.
The less developed masses of people are easy to manipulate and indoctrinate: exactley what the elites need to establish their dictatorship they are so incapable to conceal.

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