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OPCW suppressed report that found gas cylinders in Douma were planted at the scene (Video)

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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss stunning evidence that last year’s Douma, Syria ‘chemical attack’ was staged according to an OPCW unpublished engineers’ report.

A document titled “Engineering Assessment of two cylinders observed at the Douma incident” has been leaked to the WGSPM (Working Group on Syria Propaganda & Media) which reveals that an engineering sub-team of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) fact-finding mission in Douma came to conclusions which differs from the OPCW’s official findings on the Douma incident.

The engineering teams’ assessment was not allowed to be viewed by the public.

According to Caitlin Johnstone (, the assessment’s findings, which you can locate on pages five through eight of the document, put forward multiple hypothetical scenarios in which two gas cylinders could have wound up in the locations(Location 2 and Location 4) that they were photographed and video recorded as having been found after the alleged attack. The assessment concludes that “The dimensions, characteristics and appearance of the cylinders, and the surrounding scene of the incidents, were inconsistent with what would have been expected in the case of either cylinder being delivered from an aircraft. In each case the alternative hypothesis produced the only plausible explanation for observations at the scene.”

The assessment says more thoroughly and technically what I argued in an article last year, that the physics of the air-dropped cylinder narrative make no sense whatsoever. This is a problem, because the reason we were given for the US, UK and France launching airstrikes on Syrian government targets in April of 2018 was that two cylinders full of poison gas had been dropped from aircraft by the Syrian air force and killed dozens of civilians.

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Via Tim Hayward Blog…

The alleged chemical attack on Douma in April 2018 was the pretext for airstrikes on Syria by France, UK and US. The final report on the alleged attack published by the OPCW left unexplained why its Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) had made no engineering assessments during its visit to Douma in April 2018, when experts could have inspected the sites with cylinders in position, rather than six months later when inspection was no longer possible and assessments had to rely on images and measurements obtained by others. A Briefing Note by the Working Group on Syria Propaganda & Media highlighted this as an obvious anomaly.

OPCW staff members have communicated with the Working Group.

We have learned that an investigation was undertaken by an engineering sub-team of the FFM, beginning with on-site inspections in April-May 2018, followed by a detailed engineering analysis including collaboration on computer modelling studies with two European universities. The report of this investigation was excluded from the published Final Report of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission, which referred only to assessments sought from unidentified “engineering experts” commissioned in October 2018 and obtained in December 2018.

A copy of a 15-page Executive Summary of the report entitled “Engineering Assessment of two cylinders observed at the Douma incident” is posted here(Anyone who wishes to post their own link to the document is kindly requested to download the document and link from their own server, so as not to overload the Working Group’s.)

The Working Group has provided a commentary on the document: see ‘Assessment by the engineering sub-team of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission investigating the alleged chemical attack in Douma in April 2018‘, by Paul McKeigue, David Miller and Piers Robinson.

Some of the commentary’s key points:

  • As the Working Group has repeatedly emphasised, evidence can be evaluated only by comparison of competing hypotheses. A key weakness of the published FFM Final Report was that no competing hypotheses were considered. The FFM’s unpublished Engineering Assessment does not make this error: competing hypotheses are clearly set out in advance.
  • The conclusion of the Engineering Assessment is unequivocal: the “alternative hypothesis” that the cylinders were placed in position is “the only plausible explanation for observations at the scene”.
  • These findings establish beyond reasonable doubt that the alleged chemical attack in Douma on 7 April 2018 was staged.
  • This raises the question of where and how did the victims seen in the images recorded at location 2 die?
  • The conclusion appears inescapable that the staging of the Douma incident entailed mass murder of at least 35 civilians to provide the bodies at Location 2.

Furthermore, we note that the Douma incident was the first alleged chemical attack in Syria where OPCW investigators were able to carry out an unimpeded on-site inspection. Since previous OPCW Fact-Finding Missions did not include on-site inspections, the finding that the Douma incident was staged may cast doubt on the findings of those earlier FFMs.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Man of La Mancha
Man of La Mancha
May 15, 2019

Obviously, publishing the conclusions would have made poor Ivanka shed more tears, so the chivalrous thing to do was to suppress it.

The really amusing conclusion though (a tragi-amusement) is to revisit how the belchingcat useful neocon idiot tried explaining how a steel cylinder with fins and a chastity harness managed to penetrate a rebar reinforced concrete slab and yet end up as pristine as a bedded virgin, chastity belt intact..

Cruise Missile Chaser
Cruise Missile Chaser
Reply to  Man of La Mancha
May 16, 2019

Just curious about whether the families of the half dozen or so civilians killed by those tear-shaped cruise missiles have any recourse now to sue for wrongful death or has that been covered by the ICC non-compliance pact with the devil, with France and the UK enjoying third-party umbrella coverage?

The Bolton-Pompeo Dynamic Duo
The Bolton-Pompeo Dynamic Duo
Reply to  Cruise Missile Chaser
May 16, 2019

We maintain that any wrongful death suits be directed at Russia (why change habits now?), for having messed with our cruise missiles’ smartcards. Guns don’t shoot people. russkie microwaves shoot people.

The BelchingCat....I Told You So
The BelchingCat....I Told You So
May 19, 2019

Well, it turns out that the author was just a disgruntled OPCW ex-employee that just wanted to make trouble, so he reinvented physics. (I’m an expert on that, btw)

That’s all I’ll say on the matter, as I’m too busy now commenting on Eurovision…….
I’m thinking of asking Madonna to join my team of instigators, er, investigators.

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