When Is It OK for Me to Send a Girl a Picture of My Penis?

Never, I repeat never, send a picture of your wiener to anyone. If you are Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and Cleveland Browns draft pick Johnny Manziel, then never, never, ever, ever send a picture of your wiener to anyone, especially if it’s wrapped in a hot dog bun.

Say what? Yes, Johnny football is being sued for sending a naked pic of himself and his Johnson wrapped up in a hot dog bun.

From Liberty Unyielding:

A detailed, bizarre and possibly frivolous lawsuit alleging sexual harassment against Johnny Manziel and asking for $25 million in damages was filed in Florida court this week.

The typo-filled suit alleges Manziel, the Browns rookie quarterback and former Texas A&M star, sent the female complainant a naked photo with a hot dog bun around his penis, asked her to have a threesome with him and Dr. Drew and promised to get a penis enlargement after getting drafted and then go by the name “Long John Silvers.”

Before you freak out, this update form Smoking Section sets the record straight as to what is really going on:

Manziel’s lawyer denies the allegations and calls it for what it is: a joke.

Update: Apparently, the whole thing is indeed a fake. A rep for Manziel indicates the claims in the alleged suit are either fake or frivolous, per TIME. The rep forgot one other f-word to describe the allegations: funny. Still, funny as hell.

Even though event is a farce, the moral of the story remains the same…keep it in your pants when the camera snaps.


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