Obesity and tattoos are causing a drop in U.S. military recruitment

All red pill guys know that the marginalisation of the American man will have drastic, negative consequences for society going forward. Feminism 3.0 teaches women that men are a disposable species with little utility. The modern feminist fails to consider how her food, clothes, furniture, water and electricity are produced…hint, all by men slaving away in fields, plants docks and mines.

The options presented to young men growing up in this new feminist charged world are bleak at best. Government and legal systems have adopted the feminist 3.0 platform, and are now actively condemning American men to harsh prison terms, heavy alimony settlements and cultural demonisation. Many men have logically decided that the effort to be a productive force in their community is not worth the risk.

We have already seen a drastic drop in men attending universities across the board, opting out of the burden of student loans and curriculums skewed towards women’s studies.  These men know that once in the workforce, employment laws will dictate that women are hired first regardless of credentials and qualifications.

Men who do pursue higher education now gravitate towards a STEM based degree. This too is now under attack by the feminist lobby who feel that women should receive special benefits from universities and high tech companies in order to pursue a STEM career.  Google recently announced it will even offer free programming courses to women and minorities.

Feminism 3.0, and its decaying effects on society is now encroaching on U.S. military recruitment efforts. The WSJ reports:

The military deems many youngsters ineligible due to obesity, lack of a high-school diploma, felony convictions and prescription-drug use for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. But others are now also running afoul of standards for appearance amid the growing popularity of large-scale tattoos and devices called ear gauges that create large holes in earlobes.

The military services don’t keep figures on how many people they turn away. But the Defense Department estimates 71% of the roughly 34 million 17- to 24-year-olds in the U.S. would fail to qualify to enlist in the military if they tried, a figure that doesn’t even include those turned away for tattoos or other cosmetic issues. Meanwhile, only about 1% of youths are both “eligible and inclined to have a conversation with us” about military service, according to Major Gen. Allen Batschelet, commanding general of U.S. Army Recruiting Command.

Comparable data aren’t available for earlier years because the Pentagon began tracking eligibility only recently. But experts said seniors graduating from high school this year face the longest odds to qualify for military service since the draft was abolished in 1973.

“The quality of people willing to serve has been declining rapidly,” said Gen. Batschelet.

Military recruiters are fighting to find qualified youth who have the potential to serve their country with respect and honor. The fact that they are running into walls trying to identify such young individuals is a telling and alarming sign. It’s a red flag to all Americans, that this new societal paradigm, rooted in a feminist 3.0 ideology, is not only dysfunctional but may threaten the very security we take for granted. Many military officers have recognised the problem and are trying to raise awareness of the dangers ahead.

Obesity, the single biggest reason for disqualifying new recruits, and other obstacles, such as poor educational attainment, led 90 retired military leaders in 2009 to form Mission: Readiness, a nonprofit aimed at raising awareness and seeking solutions. The group has lobbied state and federal officials to improve nutrition in schools and expand access to early education.

“We’re trying to make decision makers see this is a national-security matter—and they need to prioritize it,” said retired Major Gen. Allen Youngman. In the past, he said, “a drill sergeant could literally run the weight off a soldier as part of the regular training program,” but now, “we have young people showing up at the recruiter’s office who want to serve but are 50 or more pounds overweight.”

About a quarter of high-school graduates also can’t pass the Armed Forces Qualification Test, which measures math and reading skills, Gen. Youngman said. “They aren’t educationally qualified to join the military in any capacity, not just the high-tech jobs,” he said.

With obesity and educational standards simply too high for today’s young men to enter into military service, perhaps the only options that remain are lowering the standards to accommodate for a ‘dumber’ and ‘fatter’ military or giving young men the incentives they need to hit the gym, eat well and read a book. And what about all those cool, trendy tribal neck tattoos and piercings…

U.S. Army First Sgt. James Sawyer, who heads recruiting across a swath of Los Angeles County, said tattoos have become the most common cosmetic reason that applicants are disqualified. The Army already banned tattoos on the face, neck and fingers, but according to regulations in effect May 1, soldiers also can’t have more than a total of four visible tattoos below the elbows and knees, and tattoos must be relatively small. The goal of the tattoo rules is to maintain a professional-looking Army, Sgt. Sawyer said. He added that “the average person in California has a tattoo.”

Gabby Guillen, director of tattoo removal at Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles nonprofit that provides services to former gang members, said that “on a daily basis, people come in saying they don’t qualify for the military because of their tattoos. They have visible tattoos. Sometimes it’s behind the neck area, on the hands, face, ears.”

One young man showed up with two gaping holes in his earlobes, the result of wearing ear gauges. “Come back when they’re closed,” the recruiter said, after jotting down the applicant’s information.

One last option does remain, and appears to be Obamas’s preferred form of combat…DRONES.


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