Caliphate created. ISIS changes name to IS. Crucifies 9 Syrian Rebels.

The jihadist militant fighters formerly known as ISIS are now going by IS. ISIS announced via audio online audio that it should now be called ‘The Islamic State’ and declared its PhD in Islamic studies head honcho, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as ‘the caliph’ of the new state and ‘leader for Muslims everywhere.’ The social media savvy group also tweeted the announcement:



The new, self proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ encompasses territories from Iraq’s Diyala province to Syria’s Aleppo. ISIS removed ‘Iraq and the Levant’ from their name and are now urging other radical Sunni groups to pledge their allegiance to the caliph. 

RT reports…

This is the first time since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1923 that a Caliph – which means a political successor to Prophet Muhammad – has been declared. The decision was made following the group’s Shura Council meeting on Sunday, according to ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani.

Zerohedge also notes…

Erstwhile leader of ISIS, Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has declared himself Caliphate, Amir Al-Mu’minin – Leader of Believers, as militants bear down on Baghdad. This comes as the extremist group demands that all Al-Qaeda and Jihadi branches must now pledge allegiance to ISIS…if not there are consequences as nine rebels have been crucified for being too ‘moderate’ or accused of receiving support from Western powers. We suspect this may slow ‘demand’ for Obama’s latest cunning plan to offer ‘aid’ to only “moderate” terrorists.   


Following up on that crucifixion bit, Reuters confirms that IS has indeed crucified (yes you read that correctly), eight rebel fighters in Syria who were considered too moderate by IS standards.

The eight men were brutally killed in the town square of Deir Hafar in the east of Aleppo province on June 28 because they were from rebel groups that had fought the jihadists as well as President Bashar Assad’s forces, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, AFP reports.

ISIS then “crucified them in the main square of the village, where their bodies will remain for three days,” the pro-opposition NGO added.

A ninth man was crucified alive in Aleppo province where he was nailed up for eight hours in Al-Bab near the Turkish border as a punishment, although he has reportedly survived the ordeal.




From taking U.S. military hardware meant for Syria, to invading Iraq, stealing $500 million from a Mosul bank, trolling Michelle Obama on Twitter, producing an annual report, making a recruitment movie, selling T’s and hoodies, and now crucifixion…what is next is anyone’s guess.

Obama meanwhile is now squarely focused on sending more money to ‘good’ Syrian rebels to restart their lost war with Assad (because the results above worked out so splendidly) and adding more sanctions on Russia because neo-nazi governments in Ukraine are always fun to have around. My guess is ISIS…sorry guys, IS…has absolutely nothing to worry about.


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June 29, 2014

Every single IS soldier and recruit will be dead within a few years.

Reply to  Khannea
June 29, 2014

You are probably correct in your statement.  The problem is that the damage these guys are doing now will be hard to undo in a year.

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