The connection between sexual partners and a happy marriage [Chart]

It’s a life strategy, philosophical debate all single men, and women, have with one another over a drink, in the coffee shop or at the breakfast buffet after an all night bender.

For a man the conversation goes like this:

Dude, is it better to marry a women, post carousel and party life, who has gotten all the hooking up life experiences out of her system, or best to marry a women with less of a sexual past?

For a women (of course not being a women I must assume as best as possible) the conversation might go like this:

Girlfriend is it better to marry a man who has been with lots of women and gotten it out of his system, or better to find a man to marry that is more conservative in his partner count?

Aside from the ‘getting it out of your system’ cliche, this chart dug up from a 2002 National Survey of Family Growth Study answers this very questions and puts this debate to rest, once and for all.

Bottom line, boys and girls, with every new sex partner nothing is getting out of your system.  Actually the data shows that with the higher the sex count the greater your chances of divorce…your marital success is essentially diminishing.

Red pill logic tells me that as partner count goes up, connection and commitment seems to goes down. In other words, for both men and women, the more booty the higher the chance for divorce….women much more so than men (as the chart shows), but for both sexes the data looks pretty consistent.


The big take away…your past actions DO INDEED have future consequences. For some red pill men, looking at this chart may reinforce the belief that a long and happy marriage might not be statistically in your best interests.

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