Nancy Pelosi pulls out the gender card to thwart off critics after the thumping the Democrats received in last weeks elections

Why do so many women have such a hard time accepting responsibility, and understanding what accountability means?

Nancy Pelosi not only can’t come to terms with her piss poor leadership in the recent midterm elections, but has conveniently pulled out the sexism card in order to hobble recent calls for her resignation as minority leader.

Roll Call blog reports…

“I don’t understand why this question should even come up,” the California Democrat said at a press conference Thursday. “I’m here as long as the members want me to be here.

Pelosi suggested that she wasn’t, as many expect, looking to serve one more term as minority leader before retiring in 2016 — when, colleagues hope, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be elected president.

“I’m not here on a schedule,” Pelosi said, “except for a mission to get a job done.”

She also hinted that there was implicit sexism in the constant rhetoric of “will she or won’t she.”

“When was the last time you asked Mitch McConnell … ‘aren’t you getting a little old, Mitch?’” said Pelosi of the Republican senator from Kentucky.

McConnell, who is 72, has been in Senate GOP leadership since 2003 and the minority leader since 2007. He was earlier on Thursday elected Senate majority leader for the 114th Congress.

At 74 years old, Pelosi has been in the House Democratic leadership since 2002, and has been at the very top of the power structure since 2003.  However, judging by the Democrats showing last week, is in not time for some new blood, male or female to take the helm?

Who gives a shit about race or gender, as long as it’s the BEST, MOST QUALIFIED PERSON for the job, and not some puppet politician.


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