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MUST WATCH: Alex Jones demonstrates his ‘performance art’ abilities

Alex Jones has recently come under attack from both the alternative and mainstream media due to a misunderstood remark his lawyer made during a heated court battle with his estranged wife over the custody of his children.

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My own view of the ‘scandal’ is detailed below,

“Lawyer Randall Wilhite said that Jones’ on-air personality where he is frequently angry and animated over current events, should be understood in the following way ‘He’s playing a character. He is a performance artist’.

Many have taken this to mean that Alex Jones is not being sincere when he states his apparent beliefs during his broadcasts. This is not at all what the statement from Wilhite means.

The statement means that Jones’ excitable and angry persona is limited to his on-air environment and is unrelated to his demeanour in his personal and private life. His wife had specifically tried to state the opposite.

At no time was his sincerity in respect of his public views, questioned by anyone in the court room. Such things would have been immaterial in any case.

A bit of common sense would go a long way in helping people to understand the situation.

When someone is giving a rousing political speech, one adopts a different demeanour than when standing in a church.

When one is buying a pack of cigarettes at the corner shop, one is probably far less animated, loud and vocal than one is during a heated televised debate programme.

When one is driving to work in the early morning, one is hopefully less flamboyant than when dancing at a disco.

Different occasions necessitate different styles of presentation.

This is true both for public figures like Jones as well as people will less visible vocations”.

Since then, Alex Jones has released a video showing some of his very entertaining performance art abilities, abilities which in no way make his political views any more or less credible than they would have otherwise been. That is now as it always has been, a totally separate issue.

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