MUST-WATCH: 22 million Russians tune in to premier of anticipated ‘Putin’ documentary

Vladimir Putin: “Why do we need such a world where Russia doesn’t exist?”

The release of the legendary and much-anticipated documentary “Putin” is upon us. In the video below, Dmitri Kiselyov, Russia’s Top Anchor, covers the premier in which 22 million Russians tune in. If even one million Americans did so, US-Russia relations may improve incredibly, by listening to the wise words of Vladimir Putin free of “interpretation” by low-brow western propaganda.

He speaks very seriously, and grimly about what would happen if nuclear weapons would be used against Russia. There is also a key aspect of humanity, and reason in his speech, a reminder that Russia would NEVER want such a war, because it would be catastrophic for both the world and Russia. He chillingly but truthfully assures that Russia would never use nuclear weapons aggressively, when he says:

Why do we need a world in which Russia does not exist?

That is the kind of profound simplicity we have come to expect from Putin, and we hope to hear more golden soundbites like that in the documentary “Putin“.

If the documentary seems familiar to you, it’s because we’ve already covered stories released from it before the premiere, which were very popular.

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Honestly, who doesn’t love listening to tales of Putin simply being Putin, they are truly worthy of becoming the heroic bard-tales of our era.

Vladimir Putin “I slept with a SHOTGUN beside my bed”

Are you going to watch “Putin” as soon as you can? Let us know what your favorite Putin story was in the comment sections down below.

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