MeToo movement targets Tony Robbins for destruction (Video)

Life coach Tony Robbins faces backlash after #MeToo comments.

Best selling author and self help guru Tony Robbins, made some red pill comments about the #MeToo movement, which has now prompted radical left SJWs to call for his destruction.

Tony Robbins made his comments on the #MeToo movement on March 15th, with the video of his comments only going viral this Saturday. It appears that this was an orchestrated attack from the radical left against another ‘toxic white male.’

Here is what Robbins said during one of his seminars in San Jose, California, last month…

“If you use the #MeToo movement to try to get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else…all you’ve done is basically use a drug called significance to make yourself feel good.”

Robbins also told the story of a “very powerful man” who passed on hiring a female candidate even though she was the most qualified candidate, because she was too attractive and would be “too big a risk.”

Robbins was clearly making the point that #MeToo hysteria would inevitably scare away many male employers from hiring women.

Qualified and capable women will be innocent bystanders, in what has become a radical left witch hunt to destroy men at all costs.

Legal (and now social risk) is a very real issue when making hiring decisions.

The actions of a #MeToo movement taken too far, will inevitably lead to undesirable (and unfair) consequences for some, and irreparably damage the interaction between men and women in the workplace.

You can watch the encounter in the video below…

Robbins posted an apology Sunday morning on Facebook for his comments. A big mistake, as any ‘redpiller’ knows that the minute you apologize to the radical liberal left, the calls for your blood increase at an exponential rate.

Robbins should have stood his ground, and owned his words amid all the unhinged, social media hysteria.

“At a recent Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event in San Jose, my comments failed to reflect the respect I have for everything Tarana Burke and the #MeToo movement has achieved,” he wrote. “I apologize for suggesting anything other than my profound admiration for the #MeToo movement. Let me clearly say, I agree with the goals of the #MeToo movement and its founding message of ‘empowerment through empathy,’ which makes it a beautiful force for good.”

Via The Wrap

The moment passed with little fanfare at the time, but came roaring back to public attention after the viral news site NowThis, released a video which included audience member Nanine McCool pushing back against Robbin’s comments.

“Certainly there are people who are using it for their own personal devices, but there are also a significant number of people who are using it not to relive whatever may have happened to them, but to make it safe for the young women,” she said. “So that they don’t have to feel unsafe.”

At various points when Robbins spoke, he was met by jeers from audience members, many of whom spent hundreds of dollars to attend his event.

Those jeers were even more ferocious online, as the mob quickly descended.

Twitter backlash against Robbins…

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