March for Eternal Life puts things in a much different perspective [VIDEO]

Dallas event points at the need of a national return to Jesus Christ, and points way beyond earthly politics to personal change and realignment

The “big news” across the USA last weekend was a nationwide “March for Our Lives” event, in which many thousands of people gathered in multiple US cities to express support for some means of stopping gun-related violence in America’s school.

However, a different march took place the next day that more effectively deals with the heart of the problem of “gun violence.” This was the “March for Eternal Life”, organized by the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, USA, and led by its pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress. On the evening of Palm Sunday, which fell on March 25th this year for Western Christendom, several thousand members of this church gathered in downtown Dallas, putting their faith on their feet by marching in support of Eternal Life.

Church members carried a large illuminated Cross to symbolize their belief in Jesus Christ, and their belief that His message is the only hope for salvation in the world. At a local park the cross was lifted high.

After singing the venerable hymn “How great Thou art”, the pastor of the church took to the stage:

“We’re here to proclaim our faith in Jesus Christ,” Jeffress said. “We believe that God loves us, he doesn’t hate us…he loves us. And he wants to offer us the greatest gift of all, the gift of eternal life. A relationship with God that can begin now and extend forever and ever after death.”

“What are you trusting in to get you into heaven?” Jeffress asked. “There’s only one way to heaven…to eternal life.  And that’s trusting in Jesus.”

Pastor Jeffress noted that his church’s March is deliberately set to coincide with Palm Sunday, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem to the joyous cries of the crowds – who turned completely against him only five days later. But that suffering and apparent defeat on the Cross was transformed into the defeat of Death and Hades with Christ’s Resurrection.

Pastor Jeffries spoke on Saturday about the national march, and he noted that Saturday’s anti-gun violence activism was welcomed, but he remarked that legislation of any kind only puts a band-aid on the problem.

He further noted that Christianity has been under seventy years of assault in the United States, as representations of Jesus Christ have been ripped from society, prayer has been removed from schools and disallowed, and many more related problem.

“We need to change people’s behaviors, and that can only happen with a change of heart. We believe only the Gospel of Christ can do that,” Jeffress said.

He also commented on President Donald Trump, and here he spoke the truth as he did elsewhere:

The mainstream media has been trying to eviscerate President Trump and destroy his marriage with shameless tactics such as public statements from women who claim to have had affairs with him during his present marriage. However, these attacks are happening precisely because President Trump is extremely faith-friendly, and always gives praise and glory to God wherever possible.

This kind of activity just galls the Left and Secularists, and they are after him full force. It is no coincidence that some of the most virulent attacks are happening now as Holy Week has come in the West.

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