Christianity under attack in the USA [VIDEO]

“What began in Russia will end in America” – ominous prophecy by Elder Ignatius of Harbin finds its fulfillment in the modern-day United States

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The concept of the Red Pill was best described in the movie that probably created the concept. The Matrix. See for yourself what it means:

The casual reader to this site may wonder why it is that Red Pill Times often posts newspieces of a profoundly religious nature. In fact, more specific than that.

A profoundly CHRISTIAN nature. In fact, a very TRADITIONAL Christian nature.

The reason for this is simple: Christianity is real. It is reality based, and it has its basis in the Author of Reality. While many other world religions make this claim, it is historically true that only Christianity’s truth has become known just about everywhere. It is so profoundly true that it attracts many attackers who wish to deny its truth.

This is because its truth is personal and sometimes it is painful to us.

This applies to Christian believers as well, especially if they find themselves in a state of external observance of religious practices but they remain as they are every day, without change and with no perspective on their own brokenness.

As no man or woman likes to see their physical reflection if it is ugly, no man or woman seeing their soul in the light of Christianity likes to see it reflected as twisted, ugly and broken. And this happens when we twist the world and our bodies to suit our own desires. Given a choice of personally changing or attacking the mirror, many of us choose the mirror.

To do that is to deny reality and this brings the necessity to continue to persecute that dogged mirror everywhere it exists, because if we don’t it may show us ourselves as we really are… and we will see it and know that the world around us also sees it.

This is the unique character of Christianity that no other world religion has. This ability to force us to see reality, to face and confront the pain and to change ourselves for the sake of the love of God who created each and every one of us, whether we want to believe it or not.

If we look at the present crop of secularists in America and in other places around the world, we see an increasingly deranged group of people. For a while it seemed reserved to just a few fringe lunatics, hippies, drug-users and reprobate types of people. But then it gradually spread through all our culture. Rampant second- and third- wave feminism sought to twist the identity of women and men into something they can never be – the same. Drug use changed the thinking patterns of many people from one of personal responsibility to a culture of eternal victimhood and one where people perceive bigotry everywhere in an endlessly convoluted maze of identity politics, instead of the simple truth that, yes, some people act like jerks. So, what?

But in the last nine years or so, this transformation accelerated like it never had been seen before, and most of the United States was living in something of a fog of self-delusion as the apostle of that fundamental transformation deceived many by his elegance, seemingly tranquil family life, free of scandals, and an unassailable policy set that even a majority of conservatives in Congress would not stop.

By some miracle of grace from God, we were given a break, and a chance to change. The election of Donald Trump and the rise of the conservative populist has been a loud voice, but the other side has all but completed its task of gaining an iron grip on the nation, and they are working harder than ever.

For them, President Trump and his people are a brazen threat. It doesn’t mean that Mr. Trump is a holy man. He probably isn’t. Whether or not all the sexual affair allegations are true, this is not the measure of the man’s character. He is a sinner like all the rest of us, and he is as error prone as any of us are, and he is brash enough to show it publicly whether it helps him in the moment or not.

But President Trump also knows that he is not God. And he is very sincere, as is his wife, about the belief that God is the Ultimate Authority. And very imperfect men and women are often the only way to point to Perfect Authority, as God himself has chosen from such people again and again. The Apostle Paul, who persecuted the early Christian community. David, who committed adultery and murder to cover up the pregnancy he caused. Moses, who killed and hid an Egyptian’s body. Mary of Egypt, who was a prostitute for pleasure and not money, and who chased men and used them against their will, but later became a saint of God of the very highest order.

God calls all of us to himself. When he does it, he invites us to swallow the red pill, to see things as they really are. And like the corresponding scene in The Matrix, this “coming to our senses” is often unbelievably horrifying and painful. But when we see reality, we are made free.

Pastor Robert Jeffress notes this problem in his own way on the Lou Dobbs report in a video we have provided. It is certainly not as hard hitting as what is written here, but it offers the same truth in a very practical sense, reflecting on the manifestation of anti-Christian activity in our political and media arenas. We think it is a great message.

And now, with regard to that prophecy:

“What began in Russia will end in America.” 

This is attributed to the Priest Ignatius of Harbin, Manchuria, a Russian Orthodox priest who served in the early 20th Century (he died in 1958), and of course, as all prophecies are, this one is argued about and discussed a great deal. However, three interpretations seem to be among the most prevalent:

  • A cautious and conservative interpretation is that Elder Ignatius foresaw America becoming increasingly socialist in character, in a convergence with Soviet Russia.
  • Another interpretation is that Elder Ignatius expected religious toleration to diminish in America as it did in Soviet Russia, perhaps with the result of martyrdoms.
  • In a third and highly pessimistic view, Elder Ignatius is thought to have meant that America eventually would become a totalitarian state of the same brutal character as Stalin’s USSR, though still more oppressive and violent.

It looks like the first two thoughts have found reality in the USA. The third one… hopefully not. But where the first two were historically fulfilled, the third one often comes.

Heavy thinking. And it makes us look at ourselves far differently than as the “always good guys”, doesn’t it? And, it also does not let us go down the rabbit-hole of self-pity. It places responsibility right on us as to whether or not we are going to be the architects of our own destruction.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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