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MAD SHADOWS — Shaun Attwood Meets The Loonies – review (Part 1)

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

“When my mind’s gone, all I do is sit and think” – Ian Hunter.

Sadly, this motley crew sit around and talk, infecting large tranches of the public with their gibberish.

The charismatic but venal Shaun Attwood has put out what he calls his first documentary. You can find Hidden Shadows on his YouTube channel. Most of the material therein is far from new, ditto the cranks who join him. It would be pointless to expose every lie and distortion within, but there follows a sample.

Shaun begins with Paul Page (pictured with him above), who as a former Royal Protection Officer deserves to be heard, but bear in mind police officers are accomplished liars. Page is also a crook, though not a very competent one. In 2009, he was given a six year sentence for running an investment scam out of Buckingham Palace. Gotta hand it to him, that takes class, although his many victims, including fellow officers, will probably have a different opinion. Having said that, Page doesn’t have much to offer, so his testimony is believable up to a point. Clearly Page doesn’t like Prince Andrew, but Shaun’s continued endorsement of self-styled sex slave Virginia Roberts should cut no ice, certainly not with anyone who has read the documentation proffered by the falsely accused Alan Dershowitz. Leaving that aside, we can once again condemn Roberts out of her own mouth.

She claims to have been “trafficked” to the UK by Jeffrey Epstein where she was apparently forced to rub shoulders with the rich and famous in an exclusive nightclub then paid to have sex with a Prince of the Realm before being sent, alone, to Thailand. Heck, that is one Hell of a life for a “slave”. You have to ask what a real slave like Harriet Tubman would have made of that. Alas, like Shaun the mainstream media continues to endorse this shameless liar while ignoring her admission that rather than being trafficked by Epstein she trafficked for him.

If Paul Page is credible, Sonia Poulton is IN-credible, a notorious crank who is thick as a brick, and clearly doesn’t like the Queen.  Poulton goes on about the late Jimmy Savile, and Lord Mountbatten. On her website contact page, she says: “If you would like to commission me to write an article for your publication or you wish to syndicate one of my features, please email me…” Sorry Sonia, even though you give J.K. Rowling a run for her money, she writes honest fiction.

Then she invites her visitors to share their tales: “Do you have a story that you would like to tell? It could be political, emotional, psychological or physical.” But it doesn’t have to be true.

In 2018, Poulton put out a video called Paedophiles In Parliament. Among her targets was Edward Heath, who at that time was the victim of a posthumous witch-hunt. I rated this piece of trash a generous 2/10 on the IMDb review board, and sent her a link to it. Shortly, two glowing reviews giving it 9/10 and 10/10 appeared. These are the only reviews these contributors have published, so who do you think wrote them? Poulton also runs a film production company that she calls Truth And Integrity. Try not to laugh.

Edward Heath gets a lot of attention in Shaun’s so-called documentary, including from another crank with credentials, former police officer Jon Wedger. We hear from Mike Tarraga, who has been championed by Poulton and Anna Brees. Brees is another mainstream female journalist turned conspiracy crank. Tarraga claims to have been the victim of serial child sexual abuse from quite young, and also to have been sexually abused – though not buggered – by Heath.

He claims to have worked as a “rent boy” in London’s West End. Unlike Brees, Poulton and Wedger, he warrants sympathy because he has clearly had a hard life. Whether or not or to what degree he was indeed exploited by predatory homosexuals when he was young, he has clearly been exploited by Brees and Wedger. This excellent article explains why Tarraga’s allegations against Heath are not credible, and suggests how he came to embellish his life story to include them. Regarding Heath, let me paraphrase what I have said before elsewhere.

Edward Heath was one of only four British Prime Ministers who entered Downing Street as bachelors. He became Leader of the Conservative Party in 1965, at a time when homosexuality was illegal in Britain. Even after it was decriminalised by the Wolfenden so-called reforms it remained a stigma, especially for a Conservative. If there had been any serious suggestion that Heath was homosexual he would never have become Party Leader much less Prime Minister.

Not only did he never marry, he appears to have had little or no interest in women. Anyone who spends time around the likes of Anna Brees and Sonia Poulton will probably feel the same. In fact, Heath had three great passions in his life: politics, music, and sailing, in that order. He was an extremely competent musician, and under other circumstances might have become a classical pianist or some such.

He became Prime Minister in 1970, ousting his great rival Harold Wilson, and in 1974 was ousted by Wilson in turn. Then he was replaced as Party Leader by Margaret Thatcher, and although he remained in Parliament until 2001, by which time he was Father of the House, after his eclipse by Thatcher, he became and remained a bitter man.

Those – like me – who were around in the 1960s and early 1970s will remember the main terrorist threat of the day, which was not Islamism but the Provisional IRA. It was the IRA who murdered the aforementioned Lord Mountbatten in 1979. During that entire period, members of the Government and all senior Conservative politicians were shadowed constantly. Heath had his own, personal Special Branch detective. He was literally followed to the men’s room. At what point did he slip away to bugger boys at Elm Guest House or murder them at Dolphin Square?

Poulton and others like her make much of the fact that numerous people have accused Heath. We hear the same garbage elsewhere when we are told that seventeen women have “credibly accused” Donald Trump of everything from groping to rape. The number of Heath accusers so impressed the Chief Constable of Wiltshire that he ended up effectively trashing his career over these fantasists and outright liars.

To Part 2.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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