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SHAUN ATTWOOD — Charisma In An Empty Suit (Part 2)

In 1986, the Conservative MP Harvey Proctor was the victim of a sting operation by a notorious Sunday newspaper in which he was caught committing indecent acts with “rent boys”, ie male prostitutes. At that time, the age of consent for perverted sex was 21, and one of those who serviced Proctor was 17, which led to a court appearance and his resigning in disgrace.

The third thread of this particular piece of conspiratorial garbage is Elm Guest House. This was a short-live boarding house in South West London that catered for homosexuals. Run by Carole Kasir and her husband Haroon, it was raided by the police in 1982. The two stood trial at the Central Criminal Court and were convicted of keeping a disorderly house (ie a brothel) and possessing obscene videos. They were fined and received suspended sentences. One of the charges against them was the neglect of a child; Carole Kasir had a daughter by a previous relationship; she and Haroon also had a son, who was made a ward of court; it was him they were alleged to have neglected. If there had been any sexual abuse here at all, the police would have found it. Carole Kasir died in 1990 at the relatively young age of 47; she was diabetic, and her death was ruled suicide, apparently because she neglected to take her insulin injections.

In 2012, a document known as the Elm Guest House List found its way onto the Internet. It was drawn up by Chris Fay, an associate of Bill Maloney; Fay claims it was dictated or otherwise given him by Carole Kasir. The list is clearly bogus, for one thing, it includes Colin Jordan as a patron, and as a member of the National Front. The notorious Jordan was never a member of the National Front, and had been living in Yorkshire at the time. Like all good Nazis, Colin Jordan abhorred homosexuality, and the suggestion that he would have patronised an establishment run by an Asian and his white wife where he would have engaged in acts of sexual depravity with a Jew (Leon Brittan) is beyond belief.

When “Nick” appeared on the scene, Elm Guest House and the Central London address Dolphin Square became centres of utter depravity where underage boys were taken to be sexually violated, tortured and murdered. Mark Watts of the short-lived Exaro website fed a mostly uncritical media this pap, and it was lapped up, including by the police, who raided the homes of Harvey Proctor, Leon Brittan, and Lord Bramall, Britain’s most senior soldier (who died last November aged 95). Eventually, only one person would stand trial in connection with these outrages, Nick himself, who was identified as Carl Beech and given an eighteen year sentence, not a day too long.

Neither this conviction nor any other refutation of the garbage peddled by Sonia Poulton, Anna Brees or any of the other cranks who appear on Shaun’s channel convinces him or any of this conspiratard crowd they might just have been conned, but why should it when they are making a comfortable living out of the gullibles?

Another woman who is greatly admired by Shaun is the former Virginia Roberts, who was discussed here a while ago. She has not yet appeared on his channel in person and very likely never will, for one thing, she is making a comfortable living out of trashing Prince Andrew. We needn’t spend much time on her, but take a look at the two photographs at the top of this page. One shows her with Prince Andrew; the other shows the then First Lady of the United States with the notorious serial killer John Gacy a few months before his arrest. Now ask yourself what either photograph proves? Ask yourself too did any woman in history ever make so much mileage out of such an innocent photograph as Virginia Giuffre?

When he faced the BBC over this woman’s claims, Prince Andrew pleaded amnesia. He convinced no one, and was probably ashamed of having sex with a prostitute, which is what Virginia Roberts was, aged 17 or not. The age of consent in England was 16 at the time and remains 16, so Prince Andrew did nothing wrong legally. In spite of her ludicrous claims that she was “trafficked”, Roberts was clearly having fun, visiting an exclusive nightclub, hanging out with celebrities, and at the end of the night, having it off with a prince.

She was also, by her own admission, a child sex trafficker; one of her few credible claims is that she recruited other girls, vulnerable underage girls, to service her then boss Jeffrey Epstein. Shaun’s distaste of Prince Andrew appears to be based largely on his continuing to associate with Epstein after the American’s conviction on soft charges of soliciting prostitution. Here’s the thing, Shaun, at one time, drug dealers like you once were, were demonised almost as badly as child sex abusers. Did  your family abandon you? Did your friends abandon you? Fairweather friends are no friends at all. Prince Andrew showed poor judgment for a royal, but that is as far as it goes.

A lot more could be written about the content of Shaun’s channel and some of the con artists who have appeared therein, but the above should be warning enough. I should point out that I gave him the opportunity to reply to this article prior to its publication, but he declined. And he didn’t have the courage to do so in person, instead he palmed off the task on his PA. This is a man who was once on the hit list of the New Mexico Mafia, be it noted. Nice guy, Shaun, extremely charismatic, but at the end of the day, an empty suit.

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March 13, 2020

” 1965 when homosexuality was still illegal in Britain, and it is inconceivable that he would have become Party Leader much less Prime Minister had there been a nanogramme of truth in such a claim. ”

“Like all good Nazis, Colin Jordan abhorred homosexuality, and the suggestion that he would have patronised an establishment run by an Asian and his white wife where he would have engaged in acts of sexual depravity with a Jew (Leon Brittan) is beyond belief.”

You REALLY need to do a little research, and I am trying to be charitable here…

March 13, 2020

What a hit job. I’ve seen several of the people Shaun has interviewed being interviewed by others (Jon Wedger for example) and it’s clear that Shaun does a good job. I expect he left an assistant to reply to this writer (who doesn’t even give his name) because he couldn’t be bothered to deal with such trivia himself. As to Nazis not being homosexual, I can’t remember his name, but a notorious Austrian (I think) Nazi was outed as a promiscuous homosexual after his death in a car crash when he had been spouting insults to gays when he was… Read more »

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