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MAD SHADOWS — Shaun Attwood Meets The Loonies – review (Part 2)

Something else I pointed out to Poulton was that Heath was actually accused publicly of child sexual abuse in 1984. His accuser was a serial rapist, and the “evidence” was clearly fabricated. In spite of my marking her card, she has no qualms about continuing to push these lies.

Let us end with Jon Wedger (pictured above) and a word from David Icke, the former who trades off his status as a one-time junior detective. Wedger says Heath was always cruising “gay areas” and that he abused boys in Downing Street “three times a week”. And the evidence for this is?

Icke says he was told about Heath by a series of people, and says most of Heath’s victims were murdered. So now we have the Heath death list in addition to the Clinton death list? Icke has been covered here recently, and I don’t want to go over him again except to say that many people appear to have told him a lot of things, quite likely most are joking at his expense, realising how gullible he is.

Wedger has also championed the now notorious Hampstead Satanic abuse hoax, but according to the people who run the excellent Hoaxtead Research website, he may have inadvertently played a part in exposing the hoax. The Hoaxtead team have also exposed Wedger’s embellisments if not outright lies about a female procurer of underage girls. He had been pushing this story as a cover-up. In reality, Fiona Walsh ended up with a ten year sentence, unusually heavy for a woman in this country for any crime short of actual murder.

Does all this mean every tale of child sexual abuse or worse related by or to Shaun Attwood is false or exaggerated? No, sadly, indeed although they are not discussed in any depth, Shaun and his fellow muppets are aware of Peter Righton and one particularly nasty paedophile ring.

In 1994, the BBC produced an excellent documentary called The Secret Double Life Of A Paedophile, which exposed the activities of Righton who was indeed protected by fellow teachers and somehow managed to insinuate himself into the child protection industry. In turn, Righton used his position to protect his chum and fellow paedophile Charles Napier. Rather than presenting the viewer with tall stories and fantastic tales like Shaun and his crowd, the BBC actually unearthed a video of Napier grooming young boys in Sweden using alcohol. Righton died in 2007. Napier was given a 13 year sentence at Southwark Crown Court in December 2014 after pleading guilty to a string of historical sex offences.

In November 1985, the body of 14 year old Jason Swift was found in a field. He has been drugged and repeated sexually violated by a gang of degenerates led by Sidney Cooke, who is believed to be still alive aged 93 and serving two life sentences somewhere in the prison system. One of Cooke’s co-defendants, Leslie Bailey, was murdered in prison in October 1993. This gang of degenerates is known to have murdered a 7 year old boy, and is believed to have committed other murders, surely the grim truth is bad enough?

Cooke and his gang were all people from the lower strata of society. The nearest this sort of obscenity comes to the ruling class is Charles Napier, who is the half-brother of John Whittingdale, currently a Government minister. Shaun could invite reputable people onto his YouTube channel instead of cranks who clearly have a beef with the system, but as in every other field of life, the truth is never as popular as fiction, even if at times it is just as grotesque.

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