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Lloyd Evans Reaches 100,000 Subscribers

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Lloyd Evans was born at Manchester in 1979, a third generation Jehovah’s Witness. In 2011, he set up a YouTube channel to proselytise against the cult although he didn’t formally dissociate from it until December 29, 2013 along with his Croatian wife Dijana. Lloyd is now based in Croatia and making a comfortable living out of his work; currently he has 889 supporters on Patreon pledging a minimum of £1 per month. He also makes money from YouTube, but he puts in the hours, and this is very much a labour of love.

A while back, he and Dijana set up a company which enabled Lloyd to hire a video editor. Dijana speaks flawless English and also works as a translator. Lloyd’s YouTube channel has now reached 100,000 subscribers, the largest by far of the dedicated anti-Jehovah’s Witness channels, most of which are run by apostates like him. If you don’t understand why so many former Jehovah’s Witnesses are so passionate about exposing the cult, you probably don’t know much about it.

True, it does have its good points. Homosexuality is a massive no-no; the cult is totally opposed to war, and shuns the vices most religions shun, but that is as good as it gets. The Jehovah’s Witness cult is very much a Mickey Mouse religion. While the origins of “real”  Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc, lie centuries in the past in an age when there was no film, no audio, no printing, when literacy was rare, and when writing, such as it was, was expensive, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been around only since the late Nineteenth Century, and their theology is easily debunked as 50% nonsense and 50% lies.

There are many translations of the Bible, most if not all of which are faithful in spirit if not in fact. The one translation that stands out as being anything but is the New World Translation. Recently, Lloyd made a series of videos about this version. Along with other anti-JWs he has also exposed the way the men behind the cult constantly rewrite its history including in their magazine The Watchtower. The biggest blunder the cult made in the modern era was predicting the end of the world for 1975. When that didn’t come about, they were obliged to explain it away. Covid has given them fresh hope that we are now living in the final days of the final days. So who are the men behind the curtain, so to speak?

Actually they are quite open about who they are; the Governing Body consists of eight men living in a compound in Upstate New York.  They are all men, women having no place in governing – another of their virtues! Leaving aside the fraudulent nature of the religion, there are other reasons no one should give it the time of day.  One is shunning. The cult keeps its members in line by ordering those who step out of line to be shunned, and in extreme cases to cut off people entirely. Lloyd has long been estranged from his widowed father. Dijana’s relationship with her Jehovah’s Witness parents is a bit more complicated.

The Jehovah’s Witness policies on domestic violence and especially child sexual abuse have also brought them into conflict with the legal authorities, particularly in Australia, not least because of the utter dishonesty of not simply the Governing Body but of those lower down the food chain, like the so-called Elders. They also put the fear not of God but of Satan into their members. Anyone who criticises the cult is working for Satan. Best not associate with them, and whatever you do, don’t visit their websites.

In recent years, the membership of the cult has declined very slightly. Lloyd Evans won’t be happy until new recruits drop to zero, and its existing membership approaches zero as its older adherents die off. That may be some time in the future, but with the universality of the Internet, it is a near certainly.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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j t
j t
November 22, 2021

Floyd Evans is a declared atheist.* It might still be interesting/useful to know what he knows and saw about the JW cult (?money laundering operation/?one of the greatest [ie, most deceptive and evil] money-making con jobs of the modern era/?more…?worse …hmmmm…hard to say since the power of mgmt to prevent much investigation, ie the watchtower, is truly impressive) from the perspective of a now declared atheist, but certainly be aware of where he’s coming from. (*A firm atheist, Lloyd points to the religion of his upbringing as just one example of the harm that can ensue when religious authority goes… Read more »

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