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Lewis Hamilton is an Idiot

Self-awareness check?

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robert tyrrell
robert tyrrell
August 17, 2020

He has been a total twat for years. 60m a year driving against basically no one except for Verstappen. Used to be an F1 fan. . But listening to that overrated twat in a car that any average driver (Bottas…) can Win in finished that sport for me.

David Bowlas
David Bowlas
August 17, 2020

He is only being just like the idiots who watch F1. What the £uck do these idiots who pay to watch this $hit have between their ears? Sorry I said ”pay to watch” I mean pay to hear zoom zoom…….Why oh Why are Brits so stupid for supporting a guy who doesn’t even live among them. Take the knee.

Hawaii guy
Hawaii guy
August 17, 2020

More carbons = better crops healthier atmosphere how is that hard to understand? Side note, man’s total contribution of carbons is a mere.. 0035% OF… 04% that’s what all the squealing and dealing is about. They obviously don’t want the public to catch onto the scam. Man CAN’T CHANGE THE CLIMATE, PERIOD!

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