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Le Pen continues to rise and challenge Macron in France

Le Pen continues to rise and challenge Macron in France

The Duran: Episode 904

Left-wing voters would rather let far-right Marine Le Pen get into power than back Emmanuel Macron in next year’s French elections, report claims

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John Xanthopoulos
John Xanthopoulos
March 6, 2021
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Viva La France. A woman will save Europe from Europe.

March 7, 2021

Macron was trained as a merchant banker.

From the age of 15, whilst having an affair with his female teacher, he was groomed as a


Like many politicians in Europe he was “groomed”, that means cultivated to be a “puppet”.

As we will see over the next few years these people will be “retired”.

March 7, 2021

Le Penn lost last time because the french believed she knew what she was against but not what she was for — this time she has developed some policies and if she stays away from the far right and is careful about her migrant policy then she will get elected — the deep state will try provke this side of it with racist actions but the deep state is itself split and there are big elements within the military and intel who are against neo-liberal policies —

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