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Saturday is “Act Four”: Yellow Vests face off against 89,000 Macron army (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a quick look at French President Macron’s plan to deploy 8,000 riot police in Paris on Saturday, and 89,000 officers and security forces across France, as the Elysee prepares for “act four” of the Yellow Vest movement’s protests against the globalist, neo-liberal regime of “Jupiter” Macron.

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Zerohedge reports that in addition to the closure of the Eiffel Tower on Saturday, several Paris museums have announced that they won’t be open this weekend.

“The demonstrations announced Saturday, December 8 in Paris cannot guarantee the safety of visitors, the Sete has made the decision to close the Eiffel Tower,” announced the Societe de la Tour Eiffel which operates the monument.

Despite Macron’s government delaying a planned fuel hike by six months, the Yellow Vest movement has called on its followers to “stay on our course,” over Facebook and gather for “The Act IV”  on Saturday the 8th, in what will be the fourth week of protests.

Coup attempt?

French intelligence services have reported to the Elysee Palace – the official residence of President Macron, in light of “calls to kill” and “carry arms to attack” government officials, parliamentarians and police, according to Le Figaro. “They are putschists. We are in a coup attempt,” said Le Figaro‘s sources.

On Thursday, Yellow Vest leader Eric Drouet said “Saturday will be the final outcome. Saturday is the Elysee,” adding “we all would like to go to the Elysee.

Le Figaro also reports that Saturday’s demonstrations may involve unprecedented violence, as it may include “a hard core radicalized” element,  from “both the extreme right and extreme left.

Four people have died over the last several weeks of protests across France – including an 80-year-old womanwho died of shock after a police tear-gas canister was launched into her apartment window as she was trying to close it. Over 400 people were arrested in last weekend’s violent protests, while more than 130 were injured.

Macron’s administration has struggled to calm the protesters – initially delaying a planned fuel tax hike by six months, and then floating a tax increase for the wealthy. Thus far, none of it has worked.

Yellow Vest protesters recently told Russian state-owned RT that the government has lost touch with its people, and that they have to “put humane attitude first, and not the money.” Another protester said that they “would prefer to be at work, than to find [themselves] on the streets shouting, hoping for nothing.”


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Please see the following link:
And particularly note the part where it discusses about the senior military being on the side of the nationalists and protesters.
Perhaps Macron is right about fearing a coup!


Could I please warn Alexander Mercouris and particularly his colleague Mark Sloboda and the Russian Academy of Sciences that the man made Global Warming myth is coming to an end.
There is now clear evidence of a new maunder minimum coming about:


Alexander is right about Macron, but he surely misses the point that the protesters form two distinct groups. The orginal ‘gilets jaunes’ were indeed ordinary (largely native) French people exasperated with Macron and his government, but these people were mainly peaceful – they were the ones facing those police who removed their helmets. However, the violence which has hijacked these protests is mainly from extreme left wing groups and looters. Most of the these – as can clearly be seen from footage – are of North African origin, even if there are some Soros types egging them on. Thus these… Read more »


Manny Microbe is the Lenin AND the Trotsky of France.
If they do not remove him now, what history holds for the French people can be read in the history of the fall and genocide of the Russian Empire by Khazar fake jews, (1917-1975 and again during Yelstin’s reign 1990 – 1999) of whom Macron and most of his ministers are members.

John Nolan
John Nolan

Enter the next step in the destruction of our world, as Soros, and his illuminate mates, loose their wild black dogs on what we once called civilization. France is finished, as is the rest of Europe, as the terrorist New World Order stooges, mainly black, hate filled invaders, are now loosed upon society, to establish the Globalist Government, the totally dictatorial, anti-Christ hierarchy which they, the power crazed ultra-rich fascist scum, have been striving to establish for the last two hundered years. This is the final act in satan’s attempt to destroy Christianity, it is a Spiritual war, and, it… Read more »

Olivia Kroth, author and journalist

A “coup” is alright with me, if there is no other way of getting rid of that US puppet Macron. The French surely know that the vote counting for the last presidency was false. Le Pen had more votes than Macron. If they cannot win the presidency by democratic means, then why not a coup? During the French Revolution they guillotined all of the French aristocracy but the guillotine no longer exists.

Olivia Kroth, author and journalist

“French intelligence services have reported to the Elysee Palace – “They are putschists. We are in a coup attempt”

French intelligence services are working hand in hand with the CIA. They know a lot about “coup attempts”, since they themselves carry them out worldwide. If only this French “coup” was successful! I keep my fingers crosssed.

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