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Kiev seeks prosecution of 94 year old Great Patriotic War veteran

Less than five days before Victory Day, the fascist regime in Kiev is attempting to prosecute a 94 year old veteran of the Great Patriotic War.

94 year old Boris Steklyar fought in the harrowing Battle of Stalingrad and was also present during the Battle of Berlin, the lat stand of the fascist Nazi regime before surrendering on the 9th of May 1945.

After the war, Steklyar worked as a Russian counter-intelligence officer and helped to arrest members of the Nazi-collaborationist groups of Ukrainian fascists including the infamous Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists led by the infamous Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera.

Boris Steklyar’s participation in a 1952 Soviet intelligence operation which led to the arrest of Nazi collaborationist criminals should be remembered as an act of heroism, one as heroic as his participation in the crucial Battle of Stalingrad which turned the tide of the war against Hitler’s Reich.

Among those who Steklyar helped expose in 1952 was Nil Khasevich, a Ukrainian Nazi propagandist who also stood accused of acting as a judge in Nazi kangaroo courts during the German occupation of Ukrainian lands.

Kiev’s attempts to destroy the life of an aged war hero is truly a despicable act. The fact that Boris Steklyar is of a Jewish background makes his harassment at the hands of the Kiev regime all the more tragic, as it was the Soviet Union who prevented the total extermination of European Jewry at the hands of Hitler and his collaborators including those in Ukraine.

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The current fascist regime in Kiev does not limit its hatred to Russians and Jews but also directs anger towards Poles. Indeed, the slaughter of Poles at the hands of Ukrainian fascists in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia was so brutal that even some German officers who later found the dead bodies were shocked at the level of brutality. Monuments to the massacre of Poles by fascist Ukrainians have recently been vandalised by Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

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The international community must intervene to protect the 94 year old Boris Steklyar from persecution at the hands of the same fascist forces he so heroically fought as a younger man.

This sad story also gives us pause to remember that the Soviet Union fought not only on behalf of its own citizens but on behalf of the civilised world.

Such recent events also vindicate the Soviet Union’s decision to purge Europe of fascist and nationalist parties in the regions which came under Soviet control in 1945. These nationalist and neo-fascist forces now dominate the politics of many Eastern European countries and do so with savage impunity.

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Victory in the Great Patriotic War was a victory for everyone who sought freedom from the most wicked force to ever blight mankind: fascism.

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