Looney and bald Kathy Griffin blames “Bot Farms” for Twitter woes

Following another “Anti-Trump” rant, an unhinged Griffin gets destroyed on Twitter.

Kathy Griffin continues to embarrass herself..

Ever since her Trump beheading stunt did not win her the virtue signaling kudos she was hoping for, Griffin has seen her career fall into the abyss…as she cries and whines openly on social media, blaming everyone and everything conceivable for her very poor decisions.

Griffin is going so looney that she even named herself the “Mayor of zero f*cksville”, attacking everyone in Hollywood from her former boss Andy Cohen to TMZ’s Harvey Levin.

Griffin is now blaming mountains of twitter backlash and trolling on well organized “bot farms”.

Griffin tweeted…

“Oh, also. I want to be very clear to my actual followers and human beings who are fans. My timeline is flooded with “Bot Farms” and extreme Trump fans. Don’t be discouraged and read my timeline and think I am universally hated. They are both very organized.”

Griffin added…

“So I’m hearing from my pals who know social media far better than I do that in fact simply the words “Kathy” and “Griffin” are trigger words for these groups. So no matter what I post, whether it’s about Trump or not they mobilize.”

Kathy Griffin recently posted a YouTube video to her channel, ‘Kathy Griffin’s State of the Union’, where the washed up comedian and CNN host complained about being on Interpol.

Griffin also admitted to being on a Hollywood blacklist and said her legal bills are through the roof.

Griffin blamed her misfortune on the go to excuse that she is being targeted because she’s a woman.

The Gateway Pundit notes that these aren’t bot farms; they are real people who think Kathy Griffin is a deranged, talentless left-wing hack.

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November 27, 2017

Doesn’t this all make you wonder who put her up to it in the first place? She has clearly gone mad but probably had a push from someone that worships mammon.

November 29, 2017

Aaawwww… shame, hey? Go cry with Billary…

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