Nancy Pelosi exposed on “Meet the Press” as either mentally unfit or morally unfit to do her job

Nancy Pelosi twists and turns to explain how she once supported Bill Clinton.

As long as the sexual predators are Democrats, then Nancy Pelosi will defend them.

The Gateway Pundit reports that when “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd asked Pelosi if she believed the allegations against Conyers, she had this to say, “I don’t know who they are. Do you? They have not really come forward. And that gets to…Well, that’s for the Ethics Committee to review. But I believe he understands what is at stake here and he will do the right thing. But all of these non-disclosure agreements have to go. By the way, some of them are there to protect the victim because they didn’t want some of it to be public. But that’s over. In other words, if the victim wants to be private, she can be…he or she can be.”

Via The Gateway Pundit

Todd played Pelosi a flashback clip of her defending former President Bill Clinton against the impeachment process stemming from a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Arkansas state employee Paula Jones.

Below is a transcript of the exchange between host Tim Russert and Pelosi in 1998.

RUSSERT: “Why the silence when there have been these allegations, serious ones about President Clinton?

PELOSI: “Well, I’d like to say that I think that the women of America are speaking out about, uh, what they think about this whole situation. The women of America are just like other Americans, in that, they value fairness, the value privacy, and do not want to see a person with uncontrolled power, uncontrolled time, uncontrolled, uh, unlimited money, uh, investigation the President of the United States.

Considering that Nancy Pelosi’s brushed off Bill Clinton’s past sexual crimes, it’s no surprise to see Pelosi tell call John Conyers an “icon.”

WATCH: Rep. @NancyPelosi (D-Calif.): Accused Congressman Conyers is an “icon” in our country. #MTP

Steve Hilton of The Next Revolution calls out Pelosi’s obvious hypocrisy for defending a Democrat who used taxpayer’s money to cover up sexual assault…“Nancy Pelosi is either mentally unfit or morally unfit to do her job.”

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Bryce Hopkins
Bryce Hopkins
November 27, 2017

They are bad, Republican, Democrats and Independents, makes no difference.

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