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Jen Psaki is not an idiot, she probably just doesn’t know anything [Video]

Occasionally she has an answer, because occasionally the man acting as President does something.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Kayleigh McEnany was an information goddess while she was White House Press Secretary. A beautiful, overtly Christian and sharp-witted woman, she had the ability to simultaneously dazzle and infuriate the press in the daily briefings, often lighting the corrupt media on fire for not covering truly important news stories in their crazed search for dirt on President Trump. Energized by their hatred for him, they spouted drivel and babble for questions, and on many occasions, McEnany handed them their journalistic heads for not covering truly important stories, not even asking questions about them.

Ah, how different things are now. Joe Biden appears to be living up to expectations, not being very visible, and signing executive orders by the dozens, all designed to take down the blazing economy and growth the United States experienced under four years of a dynamic, citizen-oriented President, Donald J. Trump.

Where President Trump was constantly on the move with new work to do, new accomplishments to announce, his Press Secretary kept up with the storm of work and was thoroughly informed. The press may have hated her answers to their questions, but she had answers that were clear and articulate. Every. Single. Time. Kayleign McEnany was simply never caught flat-footed about anything.

But now, the daily press briefing has become a real laughing matter. Gone is the supermodel beauty and sharp wit of a knowledgeable Press Secretary, and we now gaze upon a far less dazzling and more quiet-toned visage in Jen Psaki, who served in the Obama Administration. She is no newbie to government work, and there is every indication that she is also intellectually agile and, in her own way, witty. Some would disagree, but let’s put it this way. Really smart people are not always the most agile under pressure. Perhaps Jen Psaki’s only handicap contrasted with Kayleigh is that she doesn’t appear to have the ability to instantly come back against pressure with a sharp-witted response. This was manifest in her now-somewhat-viral response about the “Space Force”, shown below:

The joke fell flat, not even making sense. Even she seems embarrassed. Honestly, that just says Mrs. Psaki doesn’t have a fiery wit about her. NOTE: My wife just informed me that she heard Psaki claim that Belarus had its own sea. It doesn’t: the country is landlocked. So maybe she isn’t as smart as she ought to be considering her position in the world.

But in listening to her other news conferences, including this clip, something else is revealed, and it took a while to realize it clearly enough to write about. Jen Psaki is a capable press secretary. She possesses good demeanor, she has a pleasant voice and in the wonderland of the Biden Administration, there is every reason she ought to be a media darling. But she isn’t, and it is quite possible that it is not her fault.

It is her boss’s.

Jen is consistent with the famous “I will have to circle back to you on that one” remark. This answer has many variations, but it is always the same three words, couched in longer corporate-speak phrases: I don’t know.

Go ahead, and watch some press briefings with her. She is wise not to offer speculation (for many reasons, she should never do this for any president, for one), but she simply does not have answers because old Joe is probably too busy sleeping in the White House or too vacant-minded while waiting for instructions from his superiors. Joe Biden is worse than an illegitimately-elected president (which he is), he is a shapeless, mindless, posture less, empty head and empty suit who was illegitimately elected President.

I say this with no rancor. Unlike his former boss Barack Obama, Joe Biden simply has no guiding vision that drives his presidency in any personal way. He has a soothing voice and a liberal predisposition, and based on these things he was able to cooperate with the plan insofar as to write and sign a whole lot of Executive Orders. But there seems to be no development of national policy that is in any way a positive sign of life, not even in the liberal direction. To wit, the stopping of the Keystone XL pipeline construction and other similar things furloughed as many as one million American workers. The thought? “They can build solar panels, for God’s sake!”

But what company is hiring workers to build solar panels? Solyndra? Probably not. Tesla? Tesla has a great operation but this is a company of about 48,000 employees now, and with the Powerwall division only having sold some 2500 units since starting production, it is unlikely that Tesla needs more workers. Who else would do it? Mr. Biden is not thinking at all, or if he is, he is thinking like a Politburo central planner deciding everyone can eat if they make shoes and microphones in Soviet Russia. (To their credit the Russians made great microphones, but they sat in warehouses until the country went capitalist.)

Mr. Biden’s expressed policies reflect a shattered mind. “Go build solar panels” – for whom? Who would pay for this? Who has interest in this? We are going to see many more examples in coming weeks and months, of course. The Middle East leaders are dismissing the United States as any sort of helpful ally now, because Joe Biden hasn’t lifted a finger to talk to Mr. Netanyahu of Israel, but he spends a lot of time trying to make nice to Iran, which is not likely to work.

Perhaps the reason Jen Psaki looks so foolish is because her boss and administration ARE foolish and badly organized. Even for a group of Great Reset globalists, this administration is not running very well. I personally expected more, and I am rather happy, but puzzled, that so little has taken place.

From a conversation:


One might place bets on the idea that the ME countries would consult with former President Trump as a deal-maker to help increase the net of countries involved in the growing Abraham Accords signatory nations. Certainly some Biden moves will serve to appease relations in Russia and other places, but unfortunately, the security of these relations will not be something dependent on Mr. Biden’s capabilities. They will be like what we have seen – his willingness to agree with other nations on their terms.

President Trump never dealt like that. He was a tough negotiator, and any adversary in negotiations with him would certainly only win on Trump’s terms. However, the man is a genius of common sense, and he has the uncanny gift of delivering on his commitments very consistently.

That is why his press secretary always had something to talk about.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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February 18, 2021

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

David Bowlas
David Bowlas
February 18, 2021

And Kayleigh had to answer hard question! Not the namby pamby slime that the so called reporters ask. One really hard Question that JOBama had to answer was ”did you have a donut with your coffee this morning. A donut has another meaning – a person without a brain. They should have asked Dr Jill that question.

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