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Is feminazism like real Nazism?

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Feminists often object to the term ‘feminazism’. They snort contumeliously that Nazism did not care for equality. By contrast, they claim that their creed is egalitarian. They claim that feminism is compassionate, fair-minded, reasonable and upholds the rights of all. As we shall see: nothing could be further form the truth.

The parallels between feminism and Nazism are striking. They are violent and intolerant ideologies. They demonise their opponents. They are highly emotive. Both set up grossly unfair legal systems. Both play the victim. They indulge in inflammatory rhetoric and shameless lying. Both wrought genocide. But feminism might even bring about the extinction of the human race.

Feminism’s most prolific and horrific crime against humanity is abortion. Hundreds of millions of children are murdered all across the globe every single year. Feminism is a cheerleader for these atrocities. If they had their way this mass slaughter would occur on an even larger scale.

Why is abortion wrong? It is killing a human being. An embryo is a human by almost any definition. A foetus is a human by any definition.

Feminists often say – it about controlling her own body. The embryo or foetus is not her own body. That is someone else’s body. The embryo or foetus is in the woman’s body but it is a separate body. No human has two brains, four arms, four legs etc….

We do not need to say embryo or foetus. We can say baby. The baby is a boy or a girl. I know feminists increasingly deny that boys and girls even exist as separate categories!
The baby in the uterus has separate DNA from the mother. The baby often has a different blood group from the mother. It is crystal clear: the baby even from the earliest stage is a separate. He or she has a mother and a father.

Look at the seven signs of life: excretion, respiration, nutrition, response to stimuli, movement, regeneration etc… Embryos have almost all of these from the earliest stage.
Foetuses definitely have all seven signs of life. If you want to know if someone is alive what is the first things you would check? The pulse and breathing. Foetuses have both.

Before a fertilised egg is implanted it is hard to argue that the embryo is really alive. It (he or she?) can be removed from the body and put into a freezer. The embryo can be frozen for years. It can then be inserted into a womb and develop normally before being born.

The manner in which babies are killed in the woman proves yet again that these babies are alive. They are stabbed to death. They can have the top of their heads slice off and the brain vacuumed out. The baby could have his limbs ripped off one by one. There will be a lot of blood involved.

Babies are sometimes slain a poison called feticide. The suffix cide is the same root as in suicide or genocide. This is infanticide. The same chemicals used to kill these kids will kill adults in sufficient dosage. They are the same ones used in executions.
Feminists tend to be against capital punishment as am I. Except of course of the condemned is below the age of 1 minute outside the womb.

Why is it the liberal left will strive might and main to save mass murderers like Saddam Hussein? But they put even more effort into killing children.

Abortion is a sacrament for feminists. Hundreds of French feminists bragged of their abortions in the 1970s. Modern feminists do the same. Gloria Steinem boasted of killing her kid. Kate Smurthwaite a British so-called comedienne likes to show off about killing her child. She said that if necessary, she would have false accused someone of rape so she could abort her baby. Nice. So; a totally innocent man could go to prison for life just so she could kill someone else’s baby.

The parts of the baby are brought out onto the able. Photos have been taken of these gruesome scenes. Abortionists will cheerily ignore these. Many have no qualms of conscience. They will say: an image is not an argument. The next moment they will produce a photo of a woman who died from an illegal abortion. But you said an image is not an argument?

Obama was against legislation that said if a baby survived this attempt to kill her or him then physicians are obligated to save the children. What a nice guy Obama is!

I feel sorry for women who died in backstreet abortions. In the UK that was a few dozen a year before 1967. It would prefer if it was zero. It would have been zero if it were not for abortionists. It was abortionists who killed these women. It was not pro-Lifers. The abortionists succeeded in killing the babies so feminists should be happy about that. That is the priority, right? Kill as many babies as possible.

If a woman chooses to try to kill someone else and she ends up killing herself she deserves limited sympathy. Abortion was illegal because it is dangerous. We are told there should be safe abortion. Abortion can never be safe. From a feminist point of view the death rate should be 100%! For the babies that is not the women. If you do something that is seriously illegal and dangerous and you accidentally get killed then you must take much of the blame.
Some babies survive abortion. There could be no clearer proof that abortion is killing. It is something that feminists tend to shy away from. Not all of them can face up to the full horror of what they are committing.

We are told that abortion is healthcare. Dr Guillotin said the guillotine is the perfect cure for the headache. Abortion being healthcare is like hanging being a good way to take the weight off your feet. It is like a firing squad as healthcare. It is like the gas chamber as healthcare. Abortion does not improve the babies’ health.

If you think abortion is so acceptable then we could abort you. We could do all of this to an adult. Feminists – you are against that? Why is it abortion is for other people to suffer and not you? If abortion is so splendiferous than it should be universalizable.
There is a book for toddlers called ‘there is a house inside my mummy.

One woman who has abortions was honest enough to say that she aborted her ‘’child’’. But few will face up to what they have done. If the thing in the womb was a child, then it as alive. In fact. it was not an ‘’it’’. It was he or she. Moving someone from life to death is called killing.

Feminists sometimes celebrated pregnancies. They never say ‘’my friend is having a foetus.’’ I wonder why?

Many abortionists are so bereft of rational arguments that they say : millions of women in my country have had abortions therefore it cannot be wrong. In the UK it is called the ‘’one in three’’ argument as in 1 in 3 women has aborted her baby. I am not one for the Bible. But just sometimes the Good Book is one the money. It says: you shall not follow a multitude to do evil. Even if every woman had an abortion it would still be wrong.

Feminists – millions of men commit rape so is that right? Feminists would have us believe that there is a tidal wave of rape in Western countries. They profess to believe that almost every straight man has sexually assaulted a woman or at the very least sexually harassed a few. By feminist thinking this is entirely permissible.

Abortion is a complex issue. I know at least a dozen women who have had abortions. None of them was for a justifiable reason. There are good people who do evil things just as there are evil people who do good things. I am fond of some of the women I know who have done this terrible thing.

If I were a woman and I were pregnant under difficult circumstances, can I guarantee I would not terminate my baby? I would like to think that I can say yes to that. But in reality I can never be sure of that.

Peter Buggieg is a male feminist. He spoke up for late term abortion on the ground that it is only a few hundred cases per year. It is the exception that proves the rule. A few hundred lives do not matter, Pete? If only a few hundred gays were executed for being gay that would not matter would it? If only a few hundred black men were lynched by the KKK then that would be ok would it, Pete?

Abortion has existed as long as we have known how to kill a child in the womb. Abortion shall probably never go away just as all forms of killing are not going to go away. We could at least reduce the incidence thereof.

Feminists want to widen the law. They want no time limits.

Men are not allowed to opine on abortion! Unless of course they are in favour. That is feminist Wednesbury irrationality.

I am not an absolutist. I recognise that if the mother’s life is in peril then an abortion is ethically permissible. Two deaths is worse than one. How high does the chance of maternal death have to be before an abortion should be allowed? It does not have to be 100%. Should it be 10% or 1%? I tend towards the latter. But even then some women will die because we obliged them to continue a pregnancy when there was a 0.9% chance of maternal death. That is agonising. But as a civilised society it is a risk we have to take to avoid declaring open season on babies.

Men are just as blameworthy for abortion as women. More women are pro Life than men are. Men who counsel abortions or perform them are culpable.

At the moment a man has no right to be informed if his girlfriend or even his wife has an abortion. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership. This baby is his baby as much as her baby. Feminists would deprive men of more rights if they could.

If a female is raped it is unreasonable to demand her to continue and give birth to the baby. She is a heroine if she chooses to give birth. How do we know if she has been raped? She might be lying. Even if she has been raped her assailant might never be apprehended. We might not be able to prove if. Even if the man is acquitted then he might still be guilty. I suppose we would just have to trust her. Allowing rape as a reason for abortion would mean more false accusations of rape.

We must stand firm on fair trials for those accused of rape. The names of the complainants should be known. If not, then the defendants should also have anonymity. The definition of rape should not be broadened beyond what it really is. Having sex whilst under the influence of alcohol is not rape. Yes, the complainant’s sexual past is pertinent to the case. Of course, the defendant must be permitted to question his accuser as is allowed in every other case.

Rape is a grave matter. No right-thinking person wants it to happen or wants to be accused of it. This is not an accusation to be made lightly. People’s lives are ruined by this crime and by bogus accusations.

Rape is sex with the unconsenting. She might be in a state of stupefaction, tied up or threatened with a weapon. They said that submission is not consent. So does someone actually have to sign a document? In seduction one does not know how far the other person will go.

Regret is not rape. Embarrassment at having had sex is not rape. Covering up for infidelity is not rape. Ejaculating when you said you would not do so is not rape. If a couple begin intercourse and part way through, she says stop then that is unfair. They have passed the point of no return. It is like the qualifying trigger in murder cases. A man has little to no ability to control himself. Failing to use a condom is not rape either. She got what she wanted – intercourse even though the exact circumstances were not as she wished.

Having sex with someone believing her to be of age when she is not is not rape. That is unless that she is so far below the age of consent that a man cannot have believe her to be legal.

Feminists tell us that the West is a rape culture. At the same time the liberal left often defends Islamofascist societies that really are rape cultures.

The Prevention of Violence Against Women Act was framed in the most emotionally blackmailing possible language. It was a vicious assault on civil liberty. It is true that violence against women occurs as it does against men. For a man to hit his wife or girlfriend is despicable. That does not justify depriving men of the presumption of innocence or due process.

We are told it is a man’s world. Men are about 95% of the prison population. Men are more likely to die young, to commit suicide, to fail at school, to be homeless, to be mentally ill, to have their children taken away, to be murdered, to be accused of sexual crimes and to be unemployed. Does that still seem like a man’s world?

In fairness, it could be that boys get poorer grades because boys are dimmer and girls are smarter. Feminists and the racism industry start from the evidenceless proposition that all groups (ethnic, sexual, social and so forth) have exactly the same amount of talent in all areas of attainment. Whether it is playing the cello, trampolining or quantum mechanics it is taken as read that all groups MUST have PRECISELY the same ability in all areas. How do they know this? Could it not be that, on average, women are BETTER than men at some things? Empirical data shows baby girls speaking younger than baby boys. Women tend to have a wider vocabulary than males. But do not let proof positive stand in the way of a politically correct prejudice.

More males go to prison because more males commit felonies. That is called justice. But the liberal left would have us believe that everyone is to blame for a crime EXCEPT the criminal. It is society’s fault. Personal responsibility and self-control do not exist. If that is so; then society must be mistreating males.

Admittedly, the social explanations for crime are not entirely fallacious. There is a societal element and a personal element that combine to create criminous conduct.
The liberal left has a great deal of sympathy for gays because they commit suicide more than other people. The same goes for transgenders. Oddly this conspicuous compassion does not extend to males in general.

Asking someone on a date is sexual harassment. If you are a straight male that is. Complimenting a lady is also sexual harassment. But once again: that is only if you are a heterosexual male. Such allegations can lead to reprimands at best. These can be terminal for someone’s career. It is part of the broader war on male heterosexuality.

Everyone who has ever made a sexual advance has sometimes made an unwanted one. How do you know if it is wanted until you try? Such overtures often occur in a semi-lit nightclub with plenty of alcohol poured onto the situation. This is a recipe for misunderstanding.

Moreover, many males hold delusory beliefs about their own desirability in the eyes of the fair sex.

Sexual harassment is not illusory. If there is a persistent course of unwelcome conduct and the woman or man concerned has already said a few times that she or he does not want these advances that the person paying attention to another ought to desist. The problem with extreme feminism is that it turns a molehill into a mountain. They want the most trifling miscomprehension to be categorised along with the most heinous offence.

Third wave feminism is moralistic and judgmental. The feminists agree with the Taliban. They want to stop Page Three in the Sun newspaper where topless girls are shown. They are against pornography. They wish to outlaw lapdancing establishments. Moreover, they wish to criminalise men for hiring prostitutes. On the other hand they want the prostitutes to be free from prosecution.

These self-righteous bigots describe consensual encounters with prostitutes as ‘’violence.’’ This does violence to the meaning of violence. That is how vicious they are. Feminism is the cause of unfreedom.

Bizarrely, feminists have made an alliance with the transgender movement. Feminists often say there is no difference between men and women. If that is so why should we care who is a man and who is a woman?

If a man wishes he were a woman, then should we just say nothing? It does not matter what he wants to be or says he is. If he says he is a woman, then he is a liar. He might dress like a woman. That does not make him one. He might act like one. That does not make him one. He might even believe that he really is a woman. That does not make him one. We should not be obliged to lie. Why should we not tell the plain truth? It might hurt his feelings. He might still be a good person. But no one should be forced to tell and untruth.

There are some people who really are non-binary. That is about 1 in a million people. With transgenders we are overwhelmingly dealing with attention seekers and fantasists. Very few people who wish to be a different gender are actually sexual indeterminates.

If male and female do not exist then feminism should not exist either. Yet feminists also seem to care very deeply who is female and who is not. How many women are in your legislature? How many women are CEOs? How many women are in the army? And so the list goes on.

We could easily deal with the feminist fixation with data by declaring every male CEO to be female. He would not have to dress any differently or be any different. For the loony left simply calling yourself a woman makes you one.

Why do we have separate changing rooms? It is because most women do not wish to be seen naked by males. It is because of men and women got naked together then more women would be groped or even raped.

Feminists claim to abhor sexual violence. Their latest insanity in saying that men who pretend to be women are real women. This means that a man can call himself a woman go into a female changing room and pervo the women there.

A man can call himself a woman and become a matron at a girls’ boarding school and see all the teenage girls in the nude. What could go wrong?

Some women want to be examined only by female doctors and nurses. The transgender fallacy would lead to these women undergoing intimate examinations by males who lie and claim to be female. Feminism has been really hoisted on its own petard when its downright dishonesty and illogic expedites sexual assault.

Do we really have to remind ourselves what it means to be male or female? It is in the chromosones. It is determinable by objective criteria. We have generative organs. Feminists love to take about their pudenda. But then a vagina does not make one female any more than a penis makes someone male. There are hormones too.

It is true that with enough hormones a person can appear to change sex. He or she might even have his or her genitals reassigned. A synthetic penis or vagina is not the real thing. However, if someone goes that far then – even I would accept that he or she really has changed and can be classified as the opposite sex. This person is however not strictly what he or she claims to be. A person cannot be given a woman. This false female will not have childbearing hips. A man who used to be female cannot produce sperm.

Body dysphoria is usually regarded as a mental disorder. Oddly when it comes to gender dysphoria is has been sanctified.

Be on your guard. Feminism wishes to deprive us of our hard-won liberty. They would strip you of many rights if they could.

Feminists have taken up the transgender lie. This extends to sport. It will be the end of women’s sport. Why do men and women compete separately? Because men on average are better at it. They tend to be taller, stronger, faster etc… If men can compete as women then real women will soon never win a medal again.

Transgender people are not evil. They should not be harmed. But society should not encourage such behaviour.

For the avoidance of doubt: this article takes aim at third wave of feminism. This article does not take issue with first wave feminism or even second wave feminism. Mary Wollstonecraft was right on just about everything. This writer has not beef with women having equal rights. Females should be permitted to cast ballots, to pursue higher education, to own property and to take any job they so wish. Nor does this writer valourise marriage and childbearing. Most women are happy to wed and have children. Some chose not to. Both are respectable lifestyles.

Women have great power over males. That is through feminine wiles. They have more of a choice of clothing and cosmetics. They eat and drink less so can spend less. Men usually pay for dates. Women often get to retire earlier. Women have it their own way.

Women earn less because they tend to do less demanding jobs. They work shorter hours. Money does not guarantee happiness. Earning less is a choice women make. If they do more housework it is because they choose to.

A woman can ruin a man’s life by accusing him of sexual harassment or assault or rape. Therefore the female has the whip hand over the male.

Feminism took my child away from me. Feminism denies me much access. Feminism has allowed an evil ogress to rob me blind.

Feminism is a damnable doctrine. Down with feminism!
Dialogue between a feminist, a policewoman and an ordinary woman on the street:

Feminist: Officer look this lesbian has been raped!
Woman: What I have never been raped? What? You do not even know me you weirdo.
Policewoman: Have you been raped?
Woman: No, never. What is she talking about? She’s sick.
Feminist: No, officer – this woman is sick because she is pregnant.
Woman: (fondling belly whilst beaming) yes, I am pregnant I am very proud to say!
Feminist: She needs an abortion now!
Woman: What? No way! How dare you? I want this baby more than anything else in the world. I love this baby more than life.
Feminist: You see – she has been brainwashed by the phallocractic establishment.
Policewoman: What are you on about?
Feminist: They did not teach you enough Marxist theory at police college! This woman has been raped.
Woman: Do not be disgusting. I made love with my boyfriend.
Feminist: You see she is a battered woman in an abusive relationship. All men are rapists and paedophiles. Looking at women is violence!
Woman: Will you shut up. I am giving birth to my baby next month.
Feminist: Officer – this lesbian has been oppressed by the patriarchy.
Woman: I am not a lesbian.
Feminist: Officer – that was a homophobic hate crime what she just said.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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August 13, 2021

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Dee Cee
August 13, 2021

Awesome! I’m a woman, mom of two kids, have been raped before and can tell you whole heartedly that feminism and everything that goes with it is an evil lie! Thanks for writing this article

August 15, 2021

the author is a woman-hater! What is Duran doing supporting an ignorant, lying hater of women and their basic human rights, such as the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy!

Very bad news for Julian Assange and for human rights

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