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How Nancy Pelosi Can Really Make A Difference

Although she may not be as far gone as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi is clearly not playing with a full deck. She has made all manner of ludicrous allegations against the President, and half the time she doesn’t seem to know what she is talking about. She is also eighty years old and has been in politics since 1987, during which time she has achieved precisely nothing.

She is a long term supporter of both homosexual marriage and abortion, two institutions that don’t meld well with her professed Catholicism. As well as being the Speaker, she is the Congresswoman for San Francisco, which has one of the largest homeless populations in the United States, probably upwards of ten thousand people at the present time.

Nancy Pelosi’s personal wealth is currently estimated at $120 million. Life expectancy for women in the United States is nearly 79, which means she is now in extra time, but as long as she doesn’t stuff her face on too much ice cream, there is no reason she shouldn’t live at least another ten years. A surprising number of Congressmen have served well into their nineties, but so far no Congresswoman has. This gives Mrs Pelosi two options to make a positive mark on her country. The first is she can continue to serve until she is ninety or beyond, and continue to make a fool of herself. The second option would be far more enchanting.

She could monetise $20 million of her net worth, and give it away, not to charities or foundations, but to individuals in need, including families over the next ten years. And she could do this personally. That means she could give away $2 million a year, over $5,450 a day, to distressed people in her district. If she helped one person a day, that would be over three and a half thousand before she is ninety, and she would still have the lion’s share of her wealth to pass on to her five offspring.

Which of the above choices do you think she will make?

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Dee cee
July 30, 2020

Dark Man: GOOD article. Well played, brother!

St. Longinus
St. Longinus
July 31, 2020

Which of the above choices? Is this a trick question?

August 1, 2020

Pelosi is a prick!

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