How liberals distort traditional society

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As western societies run out of original ideas and fail to pursue profound lines of intellectual and philosophical enquiry, many have resorted to taking mundane, ordinary and utilitarian functions of daily life and metamorphosing them into profound political statements. Simultaneously, they invent causes, hobbies and social crusades that are not just irrelevant but that distract from actual, pressing issues. There are many examples of this.

Here are some of the most irksome:

–The Bicycle

A bicycle never used to be a political symbol. It used to be a form of transport. It was effective for the young who could not drive a car or for those who wanted the freedom not to be a slave to fixed bus routes or time tables. It was also useful for those who could afford neither a car nor taxi. It was as simple as that, nothing more nor less.

Now though in many parts of the west, but especially in Britain, the bicycle has become a political statement for grown men and women who can afford a car or taxi, but think they are somehow superior by cycling. They are actively encouraged by an establishment eager to give massive quantities of tax payer money to their friends in the construction business by building cycle lanes. The result is that a class of bored rich and middle-income tosspots now think that they are ‘saving the world’ by cycling in urban traffic.

Far from saving the world, they are causing traffic collisions due to their irresponsible and in many cases unlawful cycling habits. Many of them disobey the rules of the road and are neither mentally nor mechanically equipped for driving in dense traffic. Plus, they’re making things worse for the normal people who cycle because they have to. Go away!

–Local Produce

In sane societies, people eat locally grown food because its convinient and cheap. In many cases people grow it themselves.  But in the vacuous western world, middle-management types bored with life block the isles in supermarkets whilst copiously reading the ‘region of origin’ labels on everything from gluten free bananas, to non-dairy zero de-sodiumed sugar free yoghurt, to meatless free range pork chops.

If they really wanted to go back to the land, then become a FARMER and eat your own vegetables and slaughter your own vegetarian cattle. But wait, some of them try. Since they know nothing about farming, they end up hiring staff and tractors and many of them end up selling their foodstuffs for a profit, thereby becoming everything they claim to hate; industrial agriculturalists.

–Bottled Water

Many people growing up in the Soviet Union outside of major cities, took water from a well. Indoor taps were a luxury. Today, most places in the western world have indoor plumbing. So what do the bored idiots do? They leave their home and go out of their way to fetch a product which comes out of a pipe in their own homes. What’s more, they pay for the privilege.

But it gets worse. For some, determining which brand of bottled water is most suited to their needs has become a low art. Grow up. There are parts of the world where ANY water that isn’t dirty is a luxury.

–Fair Trade

This is the slogan said by the same people who vote for liberal, globalist parties who put the industrial proletariat out of work in their own countries. Yet when it comes to places they’ve never heard of nor know anything about, they suddenly become concerned for the ideas of workers’ rights, the very same workers’ rights they ignore at home because talking about trade unionism is beneath them. SOD OFF!

–Charitable Drives

Every now and then, multi-millionaire celebrities go in front of the television and tell those with less wealth to give what they have away. This sadistic guilt trip helps do two things. It helps the super-rich legally get out of paying portions of tax and helps those in the middle feel that they are justified in not giving a damn about their friends or communities because they threw money at one of Angelia Jolie or Bono’s causes de jure. Wake up!

–World Music

Unless Yuri Gargarin brought a piano with him on his journey to the cosmos, all music comes from the world. World music is a condescending term that idiots in Europe and the English speaking world use to denote music that is different than the records they grew up with. I love music from all over the world and listen to it all. What I don’t like is the condescending way that such people reduce musical experiences to an ‘Us and Them’ mentality (thanks Pink Floyd).

What’s more irritating is when they make you feel like a lesser being for liking rock and roll or western pop. It’s all valid and you people sound like a broken record!


Morality can be derived from many sources whether secular philosophies, religion or a combination of many things. But to the bored person looking for attention this isn’t good enough. So they abandon the secularism of the 1st world AND/OR the religion of their parents whether it be Christianity, Judaism or Islam.  Now they worship the great tree spirit and run around in rags because they’re ‘getting in touch with the earth’. No you’re not!

You’re misreading long dead rites and turning them into a kinder gentler version of what they once represented. You’ll never change the world, but you will look like a fool. Read more and dance less!

–Deep Cleanse/Detox

This is just a pompous way of saying ‘I want to lose weight and be less of a drug addicted moron’. If one wants to get healthy; paint a house, build a fence, clean a gutter, flush a radiator. Do something useful for something other than your fragile ego!

The west has become so wealthy in aggregate terms that many people are paying for the privileges of poverty. Meanwhile the wealth gap continues to grow as industrial jobs become more endangered than the animal in Macassar they bang on about saving.

The best part is, ordinary people outside of the more liberal districts of cities have remained true to the pragmatic nature of daily life. The fact that Donald Trump and Brexit won gives me hope that there are fewer liberal hypocrite weirdos than the media would have one believe.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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