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How Junk Science, Rape Myths And Gloria Allred Convicted Bill Cosby And Harvey Weinstein – Part 4

Bloom had arranged a press conference for her client, but she cried off at the last minute claiming to have received death threats. Were any of these threats reported? This is a well-worn tactic. She would shortly withdraw the lawsuit.

Her mother has even gone so far as to “call out” Prince Andrew, whose “crime” was to very likely have sex with a willing teenager in London, one who was above the age of consent. Andrew’s amnesia over his meeting with the former Virginia Roberts is probably nothing more sinister than shame at having sex with a prostitute.

Now that Weinstein has been convicted, albeit on only two of the five counts, and is facing spending the rest of his life behind bars, it is easy for his detractors to claim they were right all along, but were they?

So what is behind this campaign of high profile rape allegations? Is it just a feeding frenzy for lawyers and demented women? Sadly no, there is more to it than that.

Many of Cosby’s black supporters could see only race, some going to ludicrous lengths, espousing absurd conspiracy theories about white supremacy. As if. As stated, this #MeToo madness isn’t about protecting women either. Gloria Allred had and has a very specific motive, the removal of statutes of limitations for all allegations of sex crimes in the United States. She is far from the only person engaged in this ignoble endeavour. There is for example The  Foundation For Survivors Of Abuse whose professed goal is to remove all statutes of limitations in sex cases “TO PROVIDE JUSTICE & HEALING FOR SURVIVORS OF ABUSE”, at least that is their rhetoric. The reality is they want any woman to be able to “come forward” at any time and accuse any man of sexually abusing her ten, twenty, thirty and more years ago, just as in the UK, Canada, and many other jurisdictions. And they want that man to be convicted regardless of the evidence or lack thereof. After all, why would a woman lie? These women are a danger, not simply to men, but to the families they destroy.

There is no reason there should be a statute of limitations for prosecuting rape. The case of Roman Polanski (pictured above) springs to mind. In 1977, Polanski sexually violated the underage Samantha Geimer. He pleaded guilty but fled the country before he could be formally sentenced, and has been unlawfully at large ever since. Even if Polanski had not been convicted or charged, there is no reason any statute of limitations should apply, but for a woman to come forward and claim to have been raped five, ten, thirty years ago, the law should not tolerate this. True, not all such convictions are unsound, but the vast majority are. The police should give allegations of this nature short shrift. Sadly, an accused in an historical case is an easy target, and the police like easy targets, so do prosecutors.

Whatever the fate of Harvey Weinstein, it is time corrupt lawyers like Gloria Allred were reined in. The mainstream media should stop giving publicity to blatantly false allegations or to any accuser who has not filed a contemporaneous police report. Sadly, neither of these is likely to happen in the near future, but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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June 10, 2020

Thank you for your fantastic writings. This it the second series I have read. I have seen no other writer on the internet who has gotten it so right. You are the best. Thank you thank you thank you. Your writing should be on the front page everywhere.

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