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How Junk Science, Rape Myths And Gloria Allred Convicted Bill Cosby And Harvey Weinstein – Part 3

For the retrial, the State ditched its first so-called expert witness Veronique Valliere in favour of Barbara Ziv to better explain “rape myths”, ie to use her junk science voodoo to convince the jury that any behaviour by a rape complainant is consistent with her having actually been raped. According to Ziv, rape victims often maintain contact with their violators, except in cases of stranger rape.

This is standard rape trauma pablum, but coming out of the mouth of a woman whose name is prefixed with the title Doctor, jurors, who for the most part are lay people, can be swayed, and were in this case, probably more by the number of complainants than anything else.

The reality is that a reasonably intelligent, educated woman over whom her rapist has no hold will usually report fairly promptly. Many victims fight back, even if the situation appears hopeless, and some even get the better of the attacker, or put up such a fight that he gives up and flees.

The whole concept of “rape myths” is designed to nullify an obviously questionable allegation, in particular to explain away any purported delay in reporting. Taken to the extreme, accepting this feminist drivel about rape myths means there is no such thing as exculpatory evidence – guilty by accusation.

Andrea Constand’s victim impact statement was published in full by a number of outlets. If you take the time to read it, and if you compare it with the testimony of real rape victims, women who were victims of unambiguous, often life-altering rapes, you will notice a familiar pattern: the women who suffer the most complain the least.

In the Weinstein trial, at which Ziv also testified as a so-called expert witness, there was plenty of exculpatory evidence, including what have been described as “loving e-mails”, from a woman he was alleged to have raped twice.

That being said, the evidence against Weinstein, such as it was, showed him in a far worse light that Cosby. The entrapment tape used by the police in New York when they wired up Ambra Guitierrez and sent her back to him, yielded an apparent admission that he had touched her breast, something for which he apologised. Although Weinstein attempted to lure her into his hotel room, he stopped at verbal threats and did not attempt to manhandle her. While Cosby was a player, Weinstein was a pig, albeit a pig with boundaries. He was also a target.

Shortly before the verdict, Sixty Minutes Australia released a documentary about the case which included interviews with the clearly deranged Rose McGowan and Weinstein’s dynamic lead attorney Donna Rotunno. As Miss Rotunno pointed out, women – ie a certain type of woman – is attracted to the aura of power around men like Weinstein. If the reader is still unconvinced, think of what might have been the fate of Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky told an entirely different story about that semen-stained dress.

Incidentally, Harvey Weinstein is far from the first Hollywood mogul to be falsely accused of rape. In 1929, Alexander Pantages was actually framed, by a young woman named Eunice Pringle.

It remains to be seen how much thought went into framing Weinstein from the outset, but a case can be made for one of his accusers actually setting him up. Watch this video carefully and see how Melissa Thompson encourages or at the very least does not reject his physical advances. She claims to have been raped off-camera, but she would say that, wouldn’t she? The actress Lysette Anthony claims to have been raped by Weinstein twice. She admits she didn’t realise she’d been raped at the time. A clear case of regret sex, years down the line, which is probably why she went back for more.

She is seen above pictured with her “violator”. Listening to her she is clearly a sad, disturbed woman.

Mention should be made of some of the women who turned Weinstein down or put him in his place. These include the Australian actress Cate Blanchette. The ultra-talented Myleene Klass said he offered her what amounted to a sex contract, and she told him what he could do with it. Ashley Judd is another class act who told him where to get off.

Although the person most credited for taking down Weinstein is Ronan Farrow, the role of Gloria Allred in creating the atmosphere of “believing all women” is difficult to overstate. And then there is Lisa Bloom, Gloria’s daughter who has also made a habit out of promoting women who make blatantly false allegations against high profile men. Bloom represented a woman who used the name Katie Johnson to accuse Donald Trump of raping her when she was thirteen. No police report, note, certainly nothing contemporaneous, only a civil suit years later.

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How Junk Science, Rape Myths And Gloria Allred Convicted Bill Cosby And Harvey Weinstein – Part 4