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How Junk Science, Rape Myths And Gloria Allred Convicted Bill Cosby And Harvey Weinstein – Part 2

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There is though another way that delay may facilitate a false allegation, the accuser may genuinely come to believe she has been raped by rewriting a consensual but sordid sexual encounter in her tiny mind as rape. This is what happened to Rodney Anderson; his “victim” waited nearly three weeks before falsely accusing him, but text messages revealed the truth. Constand waited months before accusing Cosby, and during that time she maintained friendly contact with him, even giving him a birthday present, but the sordid circumstances of their liaison was something she couldn’t face up to.

Andrea Constand is a lesbian, Cosby had come on to her before, and she had rejected him, so why was this white lesbian dining alone with a married black multimillionaire old enough to be her father? He was “mentoring” her. Yeah, right.

The available evidence does not exculpate Cosby entirely, but it is more than enough to spell reasonable doubt, which is why the District Attorney rightly declined to prosecute. Not satisfied with this and still struggling to convince herself she was an innocent victim rather than a player, Constand brought a civil action against Cosby and leaked the details to the media. She did or somebody did. As often happens in such cases, one false allegation led to many more, something that is known as the bandwagon effect.  In the 1960s and 70s, Cosby had clearly been involved in the drug culture, and had procured the recreational drug Quaaludes which he had given to women. Now, many of these women claimed to have been drugged and raped.

Quaaludes were big white pills, totally unlike those he had given Constand, but his honest if foolish admissions were twisted to morph him into a serial rapist. Faced with false accusers coming at him left, right and centre, Cosby’s lawyers undoubtedly advised him to settle. He did, for a massive sum, and the case went to sleep for a decade.

What happened next is well documented, the comedian Hannibal Buress made a joke at Cosby’s expense about him drugging and raping women, and soon Cosby was being bombarded with false accusations left, right and centre. Many, but not all these false accusers were facilitated by the ambulance-chasing lawyer Gloria Allred. A full exposé of her handiwork can be found in this 84 minute video, but here are two short clips of the kind of women who contacted Allred, and who she had the temerity to put in front of the camera.

The first is Helen Hayes, who claims Cosby groped her breast when she was a teenager four decades previously. This indecent assault was apparently carried out in front of her friends in a crowded restaurant. Cosby was already a celebrity at the time, yet she didn’t scream or protest, and nobody noticed. And people believe this rubbish.

The second clip features Linda Ridgway Whitedeer, who had a minor part in the 1972 Charles Bronson film The Mechanic, then faded back into well deserved obscurity. Listen to this woman carefully, then ask yourself why none of the journalists present burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

In the UK, Gloria Allred would never have been permitted to parade such demented women before the media, and would probably have been struck off by the solicitors’ professional body, but, incredibly, she went one better by becoming a party to an even more outrageous false allegation, against Judge Roy Moore, when Beverly Nelson Young produced a document he was alleged to have signed, then admitted she had added the date to it (ie created a false instrument) at a later date.  (The two women are pictured above).

When the new District Attorney decided to prosecute Cosby at the 59th minute of the 11th hour, he realised he was faced with a very difficult problem. Although Cosby had already been convicted of serial rape in the court of public opinion, at trial only one accuser other than Constand was allowed. Constand had, as stated, maintained friendly relations with him, so how would this be explained away? The solution was to bring in expert evidence of rape trauma syndrome, an imaginary condition. This failed, and Tom Mesereau, who a decade earlier had won the acquittal of the innocent Michael Jackson, managed to secure a hung jury. He should have put Cosby on the stand, but didn’t, something that is almost always a mistake in a sexual assault trial. He could also have made some common sense comments about alcohol and drugs in his closing argument, but he didn’t.

The case was retried, and this time five other women were permitted to give evidence of prior bad acts including Janice Dickinson and Chelan Lasha.

Lasha is both a convicted prostitute and a convicted false accuser. Dickinson boasts of having bedded a thousand men and one woman. In 2012, she claimed to have assaulted her first husband, breaking his thumb after catching him in flagrante delicto, and cutting the face of the other woman. She says too she was sexually abused by her own father, and claims in a roundabout way to have caused his death. All this begs the question, what would she have done to Cosby had he really raped her? She also admitted taking Quaaludes herself, but later palmed this off on Cosby.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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