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How Russian Poet Alexander Pushkin can help explain Hillary Clinton’s greed (VIDEO)

The shock announcement that the FBI has taken days to go through 650,000 emails, only to announce ‘Hillary Didn’t Do It’, exposes the fact that any hope people had that the re-opened investigation would be guided by justice, was little more than fanciful, wishful thinking. I shan’t elaborate on the key points make by Alex Christoforou. They are excellent points and echo those made by Julian Assange just days ago.

Instead, I shall try to offer some perspective from one of history’s great minds, a man whose words are instructive and palliative in times of disappointment with the world. The man in question is Pushkin and in this case, I’d like to re-visit one of his most famous modern fables, The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish.

In this story, there is a poor fisherman and his wife who toil and slave every day in uninspired surroundings. One day, after typically bad luck,  the fisherman catches a golden fish. The fish tells the man that should he spare his life, he would grant him a wish. The man becomes shocked and runs home. Upon telling his wife of the news, she orders him to return to the fish and ask for a new  trough. The wish is immediately granted.

Upon seeing the ease with which her new trough was delivered, the women becomes greedy and asks for more and more and more. First it is a new house, but then the house wasn’t good enough so she asks for a place. Not content with worldly wealth she asks to be ennobled. Then she asks to be made Tsarista. Finally, not content to rule over mankind, she asks to be the ruler of all the sea.

Upon hearing this, the fish grows angry and rescinds  all of the wishes he had fulfilled leaving the fisherman and his wife back where they started, with nothing.

For many years, Hillary Clinton has lived like the avaricious wife in Pushkin’s tale. Her greed has known no bounds and no morals. Many have suffered as a result from Bill Clinton’s rape victims whom she intimidated and threatened to the civilians in Libya whose murders she orchestrated and clamoured for. The recent FBI finding demonstrates that justice has yet again evaded this greedy monster.

But there is hope. Where the justice of man is imperfect, the justice of the natural world is not. Pushkin’s tale, whilst fantastical, is based on an eternal truth. Those who live a life of greed, those whom abuse good fortune and those with no sense of measure , will eventually fall from their vested position.

One way or another, this shall happen to Hillary Clinton, of this I am convinced. The only question is to when, where and how? It appears it may not happen any time soon, but it will happen.

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