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Gun Sales BOOM as Polls Show MAJORITY Fear Post-Election CIVIL WAR!!!

Gun Sales absolutely BOOM as Polls Show a MAJORITY of Americans Fear a Post-Election CIVIL WAR! In this video, we’re going to look at the surge in gun buying that’s been going on over the last few months, how concerns about mass post-election violence are at least in part fueling brand new gun purchases, and what scholars are saying are indeed the chances that we may see a civil war erupt in view of the election’s results; you are not going to want to miss this!

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Craig Watson
October 9, 2020

Why those exclamation points? This has been on the horizon for years – the breakup of the nation, not civil war, but revolution that replaces this nightmare USA with several smaller nations. Like so many Imperial dynasties collapsed, this one will too due to inequality of wealth and justice. That is what is the basis for the growing outrage. FEMA has established prison camps for us already, according to this article published in “Military Times”: This describes the likely collapse of the USA into a revolution and breakup in conclusion: That is non-fiction. A good fictional account of… Read more »

Sue Rarick
October 9, 2020

Yesterday I was at the pistol range. Thursday is Lady’s day at mine and I’m cheap. There were 2 black ladies there and finally they came to me and asked how come there gun wouldn’t shoot. I looked at the gun and it was obvious this gun was about as illegal a gun as you could imagine. I took a guess they never chambered it so after chambering a round fired at the target. They thanked me and I went back to my lane to shoot my gun some more. They asked about my pistol a 1911 22lr and how… Read more »

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