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Trump SURGES to TAKE THE LEAD as Feeble Biden’s Campaign IMPLODES!!!

President Trump SURGES to TAKE THE LEAD as Feeble Biden’s Campaign Begins to IMPLODE! In this video, we’re going to look at the latest polling trends that show President Trump taking the lead over Biden, how the fallout from the riots are utterly crippling Biden’s campaign, and how President Trump looks like he is finally, yes finally beginning to run away with this! You are not going to want to miss this! 

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Eric Zuesse
September 17, 2020

On 7 August 2019, at I started predicting that this would happen: “The candidate who has raised the fifth-most money is Joe Biden, $22 million from 256,000 people, 13 of whom are billionaires. He’s equivalent to Harris and to Buttigieg. Though he now leads the polls, his likelihood of winning the nomination is evidently much lower than generally expected, and his likelihood of beating Trump is currently way over-rated. Biden isn’t as competent a liar as is Harris, and not nearly as much as is Buttigieg. His Presidency, if he does beat Trump, would be just as much a… Read more »

David Bowlas
David Bowlas
September 17, 2020

Well he did see off Hilarious Clingon and her men in black when she was 1000 miles ahead in her own little mind. And now he has no problem seeing off sleepy/creepy Joe. By the way I don’t like Trump in any way what so ever!!!! But Biden and Harris are so FU##ING fake.

Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle
Reply to  David Bowlas
November 3, 2020

Harris has always got a big fake smile/laugh on her face while really there is nothing much to laugh at regarding the state of the US, or of the world come to that. She looks as though she’d be better suited to doing TV commercials trying to sell you something with a false happy look. Sarah Palin, the other VP hopeful, did the same fake smile routine. Agree with your dislike of Trump, but at least he shows what he is so he is not fake. I am less afraid of another four years of Trump than of what is… Read more »

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