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GOP Senators Introduce Bill Empowering Americans To Sue Big Tech Companies Censoring Political Speech

Update (1015ET): Just hours after media reports shined a light on a new DoJ legislative recommendation to hold tech giants accountable for censoring political speech and discriminating against conservatives.

The “Limiting Section 230 Immunity to Good Samaritans Act,” will force tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet to bind themselves to “good faith” standards of impartiality outlined as follows:

  • Users could sue the major Big Tech companies for breaching their contractual duty of good faith
  • The duty of good faith would contractually prohibit Big Tech from: Discriminating when enforcing the terms of service they write (just like police and prosecutors are not supposed to discriminate when enforcing the law)
  • Failing to honor their promises
  • Big Tech companies who breach their duty of good faith would have to pay $5,000 plus attorney’s fees to each user who prevails.

Notably, Hawley is joined by Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton and Mike Braun. If passed, the bill would allow the Federalist and Zero Hedge to sue Google for unequal treatment.

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Hawaii guy
Hawaii guy
June 18, 2020

5k, guess they’re not serious about their own bill. The demonitization alone has to be worth more than that to some of the bigger sites kicked off Facebook, YT etc. There should be a bill that breaks up Facebook into little pimple books, keep the left over on the acne scars section.

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