Germany razing historic churches to build power plants

A country which has abandoned its culture, religion, and self-respect in favor of purely material values

( – In Germany, the village of Immerat west of Cologne will be destroyed along with the church of 1891 on the initiative of private power company RWE Power, writes DW.

The church will be destroyed in relation to the expansion of the mining site in the largest coal basin.

Earlier, activists of the environmental organization Greenpeace blocked the church to prevent its destruction, calling for the preservation of the church, until a new government is formed that will abandon environmentally “dirty” coal.

Reportedly, the RWE refused to comply with the request, expelled the protesters with the help of the police and brought in excavators, which destroyed both the church and the village.

Previously, more than 1200 people lived in Immerate. On the site of the village there will now be a pit: the destruction of the village will be completed in two weeks.

(translated by Anna Lutskova De Bacci)

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john vieira
john vieira
January 12, 2018

Whilst Merkel is still in charge do expect a ‘mosque’ to be erected nearby!!!

capt planit
capt planit
Reply to  john vieira
January 13, 2018

What the hell is ‘Greenpeace’ doing there,there isn’t any whales is there….?
Is Greenpeace going to morph into some sort of NWO saviour of peoples rights now…?

January 13, 2018

Fools and their heritage are soon parted.

January 13, 2018

That’s the pits ! Would not have happened to a mosque or synagogue. The bolshevik Berlin a. the Central committee of Brussels NWO in full action . As some coal is still needed , reopen some shut down mines in the Ruhr .

April 16, 2020

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