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Game over. How CNN and Buzzfeed just lost the information war

The recent fake news allegations against Donald Trump represent a Tet Offensive moment in the war against fake-news outlets like CNN. With Obama quietly signing legislation to help America combat ‘propaganda’ (aka, news sources that question the neo-liberal agenda) and state-owned UK banks shutting down the accounts of RT, one could say certain battles have been won by the establishment.

However, in the longer war for hearts and minds, today was a turning point, just as the Tet Offensive, won by the US and South Vietnam, was a turning point in the hearts and minds of the American people in 1968.

Prior to 1968, the anti-war movement was largely confined to the young, the atavistic minded, the left wing, paleo-conservatives and professional hippies. After Tet, middle-America began to question the government’s credibility on claims that the war in Vietnam was worth fighting. It was that watershed moment in time that formed America’s conscience solidly against the war. Today, most Americans either vocally or quietly admit that the war was a disaster.

So-called alternative media is no longer the reserve of the intellectually curious, the politically minded or globally aware. It is increasingly seen as a viable source of information whereas the failed fake stream media are seen as little better than proparazzi, whose meaningless stories are designed to further a neo-liberal political agenda with sensational lies. Wikileaks is now more trusted than the US intelligence services and far more so than CNN.

Beyond this, Buzzfeed and CNN’s ‘dodgy dossier’ has scored an own goal for liberal elite. By accusing the President-elect of the United States of being a pervert, they have once again projected their own private sicknesses upon a man whose many decades in the public eye have been remarkably scandal free. Before anyone thought Donald Trump would win, most of the stories about his personal life were petty jibes about the fact his third wife posed as a glamorous fashion model…BIG DEAL!

But now that what for liberals was unthinkable, has happened, they’re pulling out all the stops. The reality is, Donald Trump represents the social attitudes of a time when disgusting vices were publicly frowned upon. He is the antidote to a generation of public figures that think that being urinated on, perhaps also being defecated on, is a human right.

Many who engage in perverse activities feel ashamed. Because some screws are loose, they take pleasure in strange activities. But part of their super-ego still reflects justified shame. Because of this, they unconsciously project their own psychosis onto those who are ostensibly normal. This is likely the case with Trump’s anonymous accusers.

In spite of today’s fake-news tsunami, I remain optimistic. Trump has turned many apparent disadvantages into big wins. His contempt for media elitists has been hardened by this experience, so too I believe will be his desire to change the nature of US-Russian relations.

This is a point of no return. They have won many battles, but fake stream media are about to lose the information war.

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